Happy Friday/ Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four
Four sentences in a song that fits my life very well:
  1. Ik weet niet hoe het komt dat ik weg wil, maar het houdt hardnekkig vast. – Omarm Me, Blof.
  2. And I’m running trough the snow towards the sunset – Farewell to the Fairground, White Lies.
  3. The sense of time catching up with me – Death, White Lies
  4. Who cares if you disagree? – King of Anything, Sara Bareilles
Yesterday I went with my best friend into the city (Amsterdam) and we made some photo's. So I thought why not share it with you.
De Waag. The weigh house was originally built in 1488 as one of Amsterdam's city gates, St Anthony's Port. St Anthony's Port was one of Amsterdam's three main gates.

A temple in China Town. From the outside its very beautiful, the inside was very empty.
My friend wanted to go to China Town, because there is a comic store there with a lot of great comic books/manga's.
Someone made an artshow with these bycicles. How fun!

Church in Amsterdam. I think this is the new one. We have two churches in Amsterdam, we call it the old and the new one. ;) We couldn't go inside, because it was closed. Maybe next time.
I heart New York by Lindsey Kelk (International)

The song I cannot get out of my head:

Missie  – (4 maart 2011 om 07:00)  

Happy Friday!

Those photos are great, and probably the only way I'll ever see Amsterdam, so thanks so much for sharing. Have fun with the music in your head. ;)

Jenny N.  – (4 maart 2011 om 09:11)  

I love seeing the city, maybe I will travel there one day.

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)  – (4 maart 2011 om 10:06)  

Amsterdam looks pretty. I haven't been there.

Have a fun weekend! :)

Blodeuedd  – (4 maart 2011 om 10:17)  

What a lovely city :D i hope to visit one day

Cleverly Inked  – (6 maart 2011 om 04:53)  

I'm so glad you shared those photos. SO many people forget to enjoy the beauty

Esme  – (6 maart 2011 om 08:14)  

Thank you for the photos. It has been over 20 years since I was in Amsterdam and I do not recognize of it.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (7 maart 2011 om 05:45)  

What brilliant images. Thank you so much for sharing them :)

Nina  – (8 maart 2011 om 08:27)  

Thank you all for commenting.
How fun that you all like the pictures. Next time when I have more free time, I will take more pictures of the city and post them. ;)

YA Vampire Books  – (11 maart 2011 om 06:39)  

I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam! Lovely pictures!

Nina  – (11 maart 2011 om 08:26)  

Ya Vampire Books Thanx! You really should one day. It's a really nice city. :)

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