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The question of the week is;
Who are You the Boy/Girl, instead of You the Blogger?
Who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell. That just popped right into my mind reading the question out loud. Got to stop watching reruns of Gossip Girl! Anyway. If you have come here before, you probably will by now that I’m Nina and I adore happy endings. If your new here, welcome and now you know too! I live in the Netherlands, a little cold country in Europe that’s famous for their cheese, wind moles and tulips. And maybe a bit more, but let just stick with those three things. I’m a student and I’m studying History in Amsterdam. I want to become a high school history teacher. At the moment I’m interning in a little village at a high school and I have my own classes. I cannot wait when I have my own classroom so I can put a bookcase there with all these fabulous young adult historical fictions in them. That would be so great. The children are really fun and next week I’m going to tell them about the Islam and the crusades. Me and my best friend have this list with all things on them that we want to do this year and let me tell you some things are just terrible. Like for example rock climbing. One of my fears, besides hairy animals on 6 legs, is height. And rock climbing doesn’t sound that very appealing. Two years ago I went with her on a roller coaster and I almost died. My heart was beating so fast, I was scared it would jump out of my chest and run away to hide. And yes, even riding a roller coaster is on that list. Why? Well she thinks that to overcome your fears you must face them. *rolling eyes* Don’t worry she has things on the list that she doesn’t want to do either. I made her add them too, lol but really wants to cry. I just hope we both survive to make another list called “we survived, what now?”.

I heart New York by Lindsey Kelk (International)

The song I cannot get out of my head:
This song is so addicting. I cannot get it out of my head, it’s just that good. Reggae baby.
Turn that volume up! Sing loudly;
"I'll take one shot for my pain, One drag for my sorrow.
Get messed up today, I'll be ok tomorrow."
Don't you feel better now? :) Happy Friday!

Missy  – (11 maart 2011 om 06:46)  

I love that you and your best friend have a list of things to do before you die. I kind of go with her theory on overcoming fears, but I'm having issues overcoming mine as well!

I'm a new follower. Just dropping by to wish you a wonderful weekend. Happy hopping! :)

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Neri  – (11 maart 2011 om 06:58)  

Seriously I would be exactly the same on a roller coaster ride. I'm afraid of heights and my husband told me the same thing your friend did. PS I love that song from Bruno Mars and Gossip Girl :)

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Aimee  – (11 maart 2011 om 08:40)  

Great answers! I love kids! I'm an old follower. My FF is at Coffee Table Press

Jenny  – (11 maart 2011 om 08:53)  

Happy Friday Nina! That's fabulous that you want to be a teacher, and I would definitely love to have a bookshelf with all my favorite YA books on it to share with students:) Hope you have a great weekend!

Andrea  – (11 maart 2011 om 10:05)  

Great hearing more about you. My sister had an exchange from the Netherlands for a year (not that has anything to do with you, I just feel like mentioning it). Anyway, I love your opening line. XOXO, lol

Blueicegal ♥  – (11 maart 2011 om 11:19)  

It was great knowing a little more about you Nina! PS I adore Bruno Mars - CUTIE or what? :P

Liz  – (11 maart 2011 om 12:08)  

Very cool that you live in the Netherlands. I'd like to go there someday. Loved the reference you made to Gossip Girl haha. New follower =]

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Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (11 maart 2011 om 12:30)  

I love history! It's like my second love, next to studying literature, of course!

I've never watched Gossip Girl. Since you've been watching re-runs, I guess that means you would recommend giving it a shot, right? :)

Have a great weekend, Nina!

Sniffly Kitty  – (11 maart 2011 om 14:32)  

Wow, gluck with facing your fears T_T I'm sure you'll be ok ^.^

Sniffly Kitty
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Justine  – (11 maart 2011 om 14:51)  

Bruno Mars!!! Woo, nice song :)

I love that you're conquering really scary things! I would love to do that too. It's sort of like a bucket list -- the things you want to do in life. I want to go rock climbing and go bungee jumping! :D Haha.

vvb32 reads  – (11 maart 2011 om 15:10)  

groovy, i liked that friday tune. mellows me out for the weekend.

Anoniem –   – (11 maart 2011 om 15:13)  

Haha, the list sounds like such a great idea. Heights scare me to death too, I can't even get too near any railings or anything, I'm such a scaredy-cat, haha. History was my favorite subject in school! I only wish my history teacher would have allowed us to read YA historical fiction books, that would have been awesome. Good luck with the list and I love the song! Happy Friday!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (11 maart 2011 om 15:25)  

Love your post this week! YaY! A great teacher! I know you will get your dream with that bookcase. You will be the teacher everyone remembers! Happy friday!

Howard Sherman  – (11 maart 2011 om 16:58)  

This is maybe the best Follow Friday question I've seen so far. I'm learning so much about so many book bloggers this week!

(Some surprising things at that!)

I've got a few surprises in store for you! Follow me back to my blog and learn more about who I am - the man, not the blogger and author.

Thank God it's Follow Friday!
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Alison  – (11 maart 2011 om 22:16)  

Hopping through. I'd love to go to The Netherlands someday. It seems like a fascinating country.
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Moody Teen  – (12 maart 2011 om 15:42)  

The list sounds like a great idea, although I hate spiders (ahhhewww*cringe*) but I do love roller coasters! It's really cool that you plan on teaching about not only History but also different religions :3

Anyways, I found you via the Friday Follow and I'm a new follower. Feel free to stop by my blog themoodyteenager.blogspot.com
Have a happy weekend!

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books)  – (14 maart 2011 om 13:10)  

Lol I can't wait to read the "...now what" list.

I really enjoyed this post. I've been a follower for a while but haven't had the time to really get to know you or visit as much as I'd like. I'm sorry about that. I totally spazzed out in High School and avoided all things history related...I hate that I did that. I hope when you become a high school history teacher that you'll pull in the straggles like me and get them interested in what happened in the past. I'm just now becoming interested in historical things and I definitely feel like a late-bloomer (aka loser!) =)

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