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What are your guilty pleasure reads?
In 2010 MTV aired a whole weekend the Hills marathon. I had heard of the show before, but never watched an episode of it. I was really curious to find out if SPEIDI truly where hideous and irritating, so I sat down with my ice tea and some snacks and watched the whole thing. From that moment on I was addicted to the show. Okay, not really addicted, but more like ‘I can’t go out, I’m watching the Hills” lol. When I went online to find more about the show, I saw that Lauren Conrad was writing a book. I had never the intention to buy it. But when I saw the shiny cover and yes, I admit shiny gets me every time, my wallet magically disappeared and paid for the book. I only have read the first two books L.A. Candy & Sweet Little Lies and I can honestly say that they are very entertaining. If you love a whole lot of drama, cute boys, backstabbing girls and just a fluffy read, this series is for you. If you love The Hills, you will love the L.A. Candy series.

Oh gosh, what can I say about the Private series by Kate Brian what hasn’t been said before. If you start the first book, Private, you will want to read the rest of the series too. It’s addictive! If you are anything like me and you love reading about the drama that goes around at boarding schools, this series is for you. It’s all about the opportunities that Reed gets to be in the in crowd with all the scandal, rumours and drama that comes along with it.

So those are mine, what are your guilty pleasure reads?

Christina / Book Addict  – (30 april 2011 om 04:42)  

I love this feature! Great idea. I have never read LC's books, but I must admit that I got sucked into the TV show. I've been seeing the Private series around a lot lately. I will have to check it out, because it sounds like Gossip Girl and I am definitely a fan. Great post!

Lizzy  – (30 april 2011 om 07:03)  

haha definitely agree about the Private series, it's really addicting! The books are short, too, so I went through the first couple in a week.

Aths  – (30 april 2011 om 07:38)  

I used to read so many books set in boarding schools. My parents used to frighten me with the prospect of boarding school, but in books, they felt like places I could escape to. I just loved reading about them. Although it's been about 10 years since high school, I would still love to read some of those for fluff. Thanks for introducing me. :)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (30 april 2011 om 08:11)  

I'm glad you liked lc's book, I couldn't get into the first one.

Blodeuedd  – (30 april 2011 om 11:04)  

I am being horrible but I wonder..her book, or ghostwritten?

Juju at Tales of  – (30 april 2011 om 11:47)  

Great feature. I'm with Christina, I haven't tried her book before. But I must.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (30 april 2011 om 15:05)  

I've never read those books. Hm... my guilty pleasure? Oh, any book I just can't put down, but I do and I just love to torture myself about not picking it up for a few hours. Weird, I know... but it makes the book last a bit longer. :)

Jenny N.  – (30 april 2011 om 15:11)  

I've only read the first Private book and like it so for. Another one of my guilty pleasure reads are the Luxe series and the Ivy series.

Melissa (i swim for oceans)  – (30 april 2011 om 18:21)  

I was a Gossip Girl book addict. The show ruined it for me, but that was totally my guilty pleasure ;)

Jenny  – (1 mei 2011 om 08:58)  

I haven't ever watched The Hills, but I can say I've been sucked in by a Kardashian marathon before. I just can't help it, there's so much drama! As far as guilty pleasure reads go, pretty much anything romance. I love romance books even though I don't review too many on the blog, they just make me happy:)

Crystal - Princess of Pop Culture  – (1 mei 2011 om 11:14)  

I love this feature! So much fun :)

I think all my guilty pleasure reading is rereading things I loved when I was younger, like the Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club series.

vvb32 reads  – (1 mei 2011 om 16:11)  

i'll have to keep these in mind when i'm in the boarding school mood.

Cari  – (1 mei 2011 om 21:57)  

I read LA Candy and I really liked it! Guilty pleasure reading books by reality stars. I liked LC's book and I read Nichole Richie's book and it was also good. I want to read Elixer by Hillary Duff.

Jillian  – (2 mei 2011 om 01:56)  

I actually really enjoyed LA Candy! It was cute and enjoyable. Oh and Lauren Conrad's shows are my guilty pleasure so I had to read this one.

chelleyreads  – (3 mei 2011 om 09:55)  

my guilty pleasure reads are romance novels, especially historical ones. for YA, i like the ivy by lauren kunze.

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