The Julian Game by Adele Griffin

Title: The Julian Game
Written by: Adele Griffin
Release date: August, 2010
Pages: 208
Source: Bought

My Feelings:

New girl Raye Archer is desperate for a way into the In crowd, so when ice-queen Ella Parker chooses her to get back at her ex, the gorgeous Julian Kilgarry, Raye is more than game. Even if it means creating a fake Facebook identity as “Elizabeth” so that she can learn enough about Julian to sabotage him. While a fun and dangerous thrill at first, what Raye hadn’t counted on was falling for Julian herself—and igniting Ella’s rage.

As Raye works to reconcile the temptress Elizabeth with her real-life self, Ella serves up her own revenge. Now it’s Raye who falls victim, as Ella creates an online smear campaign of nasty rumors and trashy photographs. Suddenly notorious, Raye has to find a way out of the web of deceit that she’s helped to build, and back to the relationships that matter.

My Review:
I hadn’t heard much about this book, but the description in combination with the cover really got me eye. So of course I bought it and I have to say I really liked it.

Raye is a great character. She’s sheltered, has one good friend and wants to be popular. Too bad that being in the in crowd is not that easy. Raye is also very na├»ve and trustworthy. I like the relationship she has with her father and her best friend, who is indeed very cool. Ella is a typical in crowd member. The whole vibe I got from her was mess with me and I’ll come get you. The things she did was just bad. And don’t get me started with Julian. From the start I had a pretty good idea that he wasn’t what he portrayed he was.

The plot is fun. There’s a bit of romance and the whole theme was well executed. The games the girls played where bad. It was hard to put the book down, because I wanted to know what they where planning to do next.

The Julian Game is a fun, easy and quick book. I recommend it if you ever need something light to read.

Darlyn  – (27 april 2011 om 11:39)  

Glad you like it! And I love her blue hair. *wink*

Blodeuedd  – (27 april 2011 om 12:30)  

Easy and quick :D I like the sound of that. Especially since I have a 700 page book coming up soon

Cindy (Oodles of Books)  – (27 april 2011 om 12:50)  

I liked this one as well :) Great review!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (27 april 2011 om 13:06)  

Oh nice quick read that is hard to put down? I need to check this book out! Thanks!

Ladybug  – (27 april 2011 om 13:40)  

I've read a couple of contemporaries now about wanting to become popular, I haven't really loved any of them but this one does sound promising. Great review :D

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)  – (27 april 2011 om 14:38)  

Sounds like a good read. I haven't read this author before, but I really want to read her new book. I might just check this one out too! :)

Jenny N.  – (27 april 2011 om 15:41)  

I like the sound of this one.

vvb32 reads  – (29 april 2011 om 16:41)  

i've been wondering about this one and the gloves. glad to hear it's a good one.

(: Isa :)  – (1 mei 2011 om 11:12)  

I absolute adore this cover! It is gorgeous and the book sounds really interesting. I've been meaning to get it, but I think I finally will since your review sounds promising. :)

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