Recruited by Suzanne Weyn

Title: Recruited
Written by: Suzanne Weyn
Release date: March, 2011
Pages: 104
Source: Netgalley, Lerner Publishing Group

My Feelings:

Kadeem Jones is a star quarterback for Southside High. He is thrilled when college scouts seek him out. His visit to Teller College is amazing. College cheerleaders pay attention to him. The recruiter even gives him money to have a good time. But then NCAA officials accuse Teller's staff of illegally recruiting top talent. Will Kadeem decide to help their investigation, even though it means the end of the good times? What will it do to his chances of playing college football?

My Review:
After reading Plan B, part of the Surviving Southside series, I thought this would be a great second book to read in this series. I didn’t love the first one, so I was hoping that maybe Recruited could change my mind about the series. Unfortunately it wasn’t so.

I didn’t like the main character. And if you don’t like the main character it’s pretty hard to read on further. I thought he was trying too hard to be liked, to be a good guy. Also I could not connect with him. There wasn’t any character development.

The plot was predictable. It wasn’t hard to find out what Kadeem would do next and why he did it. There wasn’t any action, suspense or just a really good story line. Also the action on the field didn’t grabbed my attention. Maybe it’s the sport. Maybe I’m not liking it.

All in all, this story wasn’t for me. I say, give it a try if you think you will enjoy a short football story.

Blodeuedd  – (30 mei 2011 om 13:00)  

The first one wasn't good, the second one the same, too bad :( But at least you gave them a try :)

Larissa  – (30 mei 2011 om 13:05)  

I think I'll give this one a pass, I'm not much of a sports story person anyway.

Jenny N.  – (30 mei 2011 om 20:44)  

I don't think I can love a story if I didnt like the main character.

A Canadian Girl  – (31 mei 2011 om 11:07)  

Aw, it's too bad that not only did you dislike the main character but couldn't connect with him. Stories never seem as great if you can't emotionally connect with the characters.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (31 mei 2011 om 15:15)  

Oh I don't think I'd like it either if I didn't like the main character. Sorry this isn't for you.

razlich  – (31 mei 2011 om 15:58)  

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