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If someone disappoints you in your everyday life, there’s always this nagging feeling you will have. Every time this person says I won’t do that again, I’m for sure going to be there at 11 your brain says ‘Really? I don’t believe this person is going to do it again and hurt me, but I’m not sure. This person really learned from their mistake and doesn’t want to disappoint me again, right?.” However your heart is telling you that you shouldn’t believe a word what she/he says. It’s not true. You know she/he is going to disappoint you again. So not cool.”. So some of you won’t call again and say bye bye to this friend. And others will give this person a second chance. Nina, what does this has to do with books?

Sometimes the first book in a series will blow you away (a good thing) and you announce to the world that it’s going to be your favourite series ever. (Me with Glimmerglass by Jenna Black) And there are books that just suck. (Me with Need by Carrie Jones. Okay, I’ll be honest it didn’t suck that bad. I mean I gave it three stars.) So, it did not suck, it was enjoyable, but very disappointing. You ask yourself will I love the sequel? Will I enjoy it and read the third book as well? Or will I hate it and want to destroy it, rip it to small pieces (No, not the cover. Well if it’s paperback it’s possible.) and burn it.

I have a hard time deciding if I should get these sequels:
Captivate, sequel of Need and Crescendo, sequal of Hush Hush.

What makes YOU decide to try the sequel?

Juju at Tales of  – (25 mei 2011 om 10:40)  

For me, it's weather or not I miss the characters and need to finish their story.

Jenny N.  – (25 mei 2011 om 11:45)  

Dont't know about Captivate but I thought Crescendo was an imporvement from Hush, Hush. Its hard for me to break up with a book series too. I always think that it will get better in the next book and to not give up on it so easily.

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)  – (25 mei 2011 om 12:12)  

I also thought Crescendo was better than Hush, Hush. I thought Hush, Hush was OK and had potential, but Crescendo was one of my favourite reads of last year!

I find it difficult to break up with book series. Like, I loved The Immortals series until book #3, but I've struggled with the last two books. I'm still hanging in there though. ha!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (25 mei 2011 om 15:40)  

Well, Captivate I thought was a bit better, but I liked the series better than you... so that may be a pass. As far as Crescendo... I thought it was better than Hush Hush, but I still wasn't an all out fan. Whatever you do... get 'em from the library if you decide to read it! :)

A Canadian Girl  – (26 mei 2011 om 01:56)  

I didn't really like Need and tried reading Captivate but abandoned it a quarter of the way through I think.

For me, I'll read sequels of series I enjoy. For some reason, it seems like all the books I like are part of series or are left with open endings so that they'll become future series.

Andrea  – (26 mei 2011 om 08:22)  

My new rules is that if I can't remember what happened in the first book, even if I liked it, then no sequels. If I absolutely hated the first one, then obviously not going to continue with the series.

Nina  – (26 mei 2011 om 10:33)  

@Jenny N.: It's hard, right? ;)

@Melissa (Books and Things): Yeah, I'm thinking about getting Crescendo at the library. But they only have the translated version.
They don't have Need and Captivate at the library. ;(

Andrea: That's a very good rule. Maybe I should stick with that rule too.

Melissa (My words and pages)  – (26 mei 2011 om 17:53)  

I have to say I have not started any of these series yet. But I do want to. I will definitely read the sequel if I enjoyed the first book or loved the first book. And sometimes if the first book is just okay as I've read first books that are introduction to the world and character with a story in there. And then the second book blows my socks off. lol. But I like to try at least twice. But that is just me. :)

Christie - The Fiction Enthusiast  – (26 mei 2011 om 18:05)  

It really depends on my attachment to the characters. I’m still reading the House of Night series even though I don’t love it like I first did.

If a first book in a book series doesn’t wow me sometimes I’ll still read the second because I can’t let unanswered questions rest. I have to know. Plus sometimes a less than stellar start doesn't’ mean I don’t see potential for more as the series continues. First books are hard with all the intros and world building. Sometimes when that is out of the way reading becomes more fun.

P.S Great topic :)

Sarah  – (27 mei 2011 om 09:40)  

I didn't like Need, either--but I did like Captivate:

I borrowed Captivate instead of buying it. I tried to read the newest book, Entice, and...I couldn't make myself finish it.

I never like it when sequels let me down...

Cari  – (31 mei 2011 om 18:35)  

I haven't read Need.

I LOVED Hush,Hush but I was so angry with Crescendo I don't know if and when I'll read Silence. Maybe if I find it at a used bookstore and if someone tells me Patch isn't such a jerk in the third book but I think I'm done with him.

Lily Child  – (2 juni 2011 om 00:29)  

Interesting question. I dunno. It just depends on how I feel. I know it sounds lame, but it's totally the truth. Usually, if I give the sequel a try, I'm pretty happy. However, there have been cases where I was continuously disappointed, and stopped reading the series altogether.

Nina  – (4 juni 2011 om 03:43)  

@Sarah : Thanx for the link! I think I will try the second book in that series when I can find the book with a very good discount. ;)

@Cari: yeah, I'm worried about Crescendo. I didn't like Patch in the first book and I keep reading that he did bad things in the sequal. Well that for sure isn't going to make him better in my light. haha. ;)

@Lily Child: It isn't lame. ;) I don't like to be dissapointed with books.

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