He’s So Not Worth It by Kieran Scott

Title: He’s So Not Worth It
Written by: Kieran Scott
Release date: June, 2011
Pages: 360
Source: Simon & Schuster e-Galley

My Feelings:

In this sequel to SHE’S SO DEAD TO US, Ally Ryan finds that some things are just not worth the energy. First her “friends” humiliate her. Then Jake lets her down. Again. Then her MIA father reappears and acts like nothing has changed. Then her mother wants to spend the entire summer at her new boyfriend’s beach house. Breaking point, meet Ally Ryan.

After the year she had, all Ally wants is to be let alone. Unfortunately, the Jersey Shore is not the place for privacy. And if she gets one more text about what Jake Graydon has been up to all summer . . .

Labor Day cannot come soon enough.

My Review:
This cover is dramalicious, yes, that isn’t a word that’s listed in the dictionary. But I LOVE using it.

Ally was whining all the time. At first I felt sad for her, but then she didn’t stop with the whining and it frustrated me. I liked that she met someone new and that person told her what was on my mind the whole time I was reading the story. Shut up and start living again. He didn’t say it like that, but I would have. I also could not believe that she started to be friends again with people who did the most hateful thing to her.

Jake. I don’t like him. He was scandalous. He is just sneaky, cocky and a rich little dude. He says he loves Ally, but then goes around and does something that’s so messed up. I wonder what his deal is.

The plot is in one word DRAMA. Wow, there’s so much going on here I felt my head was going to explode. It felt like a month of Gossip Girl episodes mixed together in one book. I couldn’t stop reading, it was just too exciting.

He’s So Not Worth It ends with a cliff-hanger and if your like me and adores a bit of drama this book is so up your alley. I can't wait to read the third book in the He's So/She's So Trilogy.

Shy  – (20 juni 2011 om 05:06)  

LOL! I like you reference on Gossip Girl as that was what on my mind the moment I finished reading your review as well! Sounds like a delicious read despite all the dramas. Though, I have to say that I *hate* girl that continuously whines in book. Totally gets on my nerves!

Great review =) Have a great week!

Blodeuedd  – (20 juni 2011 om 05:34)  

Ugh, I am not good with whiners...

But lol, I love the word dramalicious

Missie  – (20 juni 2011 om 06:37)  

Ha! I got the perfect impression of this book when you said it was like a month worth of GG eps! I don't understand guys like Jake either. He sounds like the kind you just love to hate.

P.S. Please keep using dramalicious! Its a great word.

Kelsey  – (20 juni 2011 om 07:33)  

This sounds great! I haven't read any of Kieran's books yet, but I need to soon! Great review :)

Lisa  – (20 juni 2011 om 08:54)  

I'm not a big fan of whiny characters. The tend to get on my nerves quick and then I don't enjoy the rest of the book.

P.S. I love dramalicious!!!

Jenny N.  – (20 juni 2011 om 10:05)  

I love that this series is so dramaful and provides a great escape for me. I know things like that will never happen to me but I love reading about it :)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (20 juni 2011 om 13:05)  

Dreamalicious... oh I may steal that. ;D

Ugh... cliffhangers! To death with them! Maybe I'll pick it up when all 3 are out. Plus, you may tell me Jake is redeemable by then. ;)

YA Book Queen  – (20 juni 2011 om 14:39)  

I liked Jake in the first book (after awhile), but in this one...not so much. At least the drama was exciting!!

Great review, Nina :D

Jillian  – (21 juni 2011 om 17:13)  

Hm not really a fan of whiners but this sounds like a good book. Might check it out.

A Canadian Girl  – (22 juni 2011 om 08:02)  

Yeah, I didn't like Ally's whining either. I wonder how her relationship with Jake will play out because I think he hasn't fully told her what he did.

Nina  – (23 juni 2011 om 06:56)  

@Missie, Lisa and Melissa (Books and Things):
From now on I will be using dramalicious in reviews. ;)

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