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Do you plan ahead for your reading?
Sometimes, but mostly I just choose whatever I’m in the mood for. I have a to be read pile and when I want to start a new book I look at the pile and decide if I want to read something out of it. I have to say that the last couple of weeks I didn’t want to read any books in my tbr pile. The books that I have read are books that I bought while waiting for a friend at the train station and they all happen to be written by Terry Pratchett. I wasn’t in the mood for young adult reads these days. I was in the mood for something hilarious and I knew that his books would make me laugh.

Do you plan ahead for your reading?

Anoniem –   – (4 juni 2011 om 08:48)  

I never plan what I'm reading next. I just choose the book that sounds appealing at the moment I sit down to read. This is kind of the reason why I have so many books going on at the same time. Sometimes the book that was appealing last night isn't appealing the following night, so I start a new book or finish I book I was reading earlier.

- Jackie

Jenny N.  – (4 juni 2011 om 09:47)  

I do sort of. I pull out a pile from my bookshelves of books that need to be read that month and I pick from the pile. They're mostly all review books that are set to release. Nowadays books that I buy get put on the back burner as I try to get review books read first.

Nina  – (4 juni 2011 om 11:30)  

@booksntea: Really? I wish I could do that too. When I start reading it I have to finish it the next day! ;)

@Jenny N.: That's really good. I can't do that either. ;)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (4 juni 2011 om 11:36)  

Yes and no. It depends. If a book has to be read by a certain date, yes. If something comes along and needs to come first... well, then in a way no. I didn't know it was coming up and moving the rest of the tbr around. Oh yes, I'm so unorganized. LOL

A Canadian Girl  – (4 juni 2011 om 12:35)  

I only recently started planning ahead because I have so many ebooks that need to be reviewed pretty close to each other. Since I don't have an e-reader though, I can read whatever I want while I'm on the bus or at school and don't plan ahead on reading from actual physical books.

Blodeuedd  – (4 juni 2011 om 14:00)  

I do plan but that is mostly cos I need to figure out when to read the review books I have..oh and I LOVE order :D

Christina / Book Addict  – (4 juni 2011 om 14:36)  

I definitely do some planning regarding my TBR pile, but I am definitely a mood reader too. I like to mix it up with some adult books as well. If it becomes too much like a job, then reviewing/blogging isn't fun, so I just try to do what I want for the most part!

Blueicegal ♥  – (4 juni 2011 om 16:03)  

I think so, but you never know with me. Like I'm currently tackling my review pile but yesterday ended up reading a book I had bought. That was not part of the plan! LOL :D

Melissa (i swim for oceans)  – (4 juni 2011 om 20:19)  

I never used to until I started receiving books for review. Now I have so many that they are carefully scheduled by the order in which I received them, release date, etc. It's tedious haha :)

Aths  – (4 juni 2011 om 20:37)  

I'm also trying to be more like that. I still do have a bunch of books I plan for each month, but I'm trying to be more adventurous with my next picks.

chelleyreads  – (5 juni 2011 om 01:59)  

i sort of plan what i read. i usually have a to-be-read pile every month of books i want to get to. then i choose whatever book i'm in the mood for from that pile.


Sheila (Bookjourney)  – (5 juni 2011 om 20:18)  

I do to an extent - not like weeks ahead, but I try to plan out my week. Does it always stick? No. Sometimes I throw out the entire plan :)

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