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What kind of books do you read on vacation?
That depends to which country or place I’m going to.
If I’m going overseas I never pack a book with me. The reason is because I get really sick if I read something for a long time in the plane. Usually when I’m at my destination place I will buy a book there. I love going book shopping in other countries. So much fun.

If I’m going to visit a European country and I travel by train I will bring along a light read. A fun, cute book that I know I can finish in two hours or less. Like for example if I should go to Paris I would bring along ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ or ‘Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour’.

If I’m staying in Holland I probably will read the same easy, light books that I would take with me on a European trip. In the summer I just don’t like to read books that hasn’t got a happy ending or heavy books with characters that have a lot of issues. I want something that will bring a goofy smile to my face and just makes me happy.

What kind of books do you read on vacation?

Blueicegal ♥  – (18 juni 2011 om 03:59)  

Girl I really need to read Anna! I think I like a mix. A thought provoking read but also something fun and humorous.

Blodeuedd  – (18 juni 2011 om 04:00)  

I agree, the bes books for the summer are nice and light ones :D

Milli  – (18 juni 2011 om 09:28)  

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour...I've been putting that book off for months. I really should start reading it. I agree with the light and easiness of an awesome summer book. My favourites are probably re-reading some old books, especially Nicholas Sparks (those are so pretty quick reads).

Lisa  – (18 juni 2011 om 09:28)  

I tend to bring light and 'easy' reads on vacation with me too. I need something that is easy to get into and doesn't leave me too emotional (you don't want to scare the person next to you on the plan by sobbing uncontrollably).

GABY  – (18 juni 2011 om 09:52)  

I like easy read too, for vacations. I just want something happy :)

Missie  – (18 juni 2011 om 09:56)  

I agree. When looking at books to take on vacation, you need light and easy reads, especially since reading time will be limited as you explore your surrounds.

Can you believe I still haven't read Anna and the French Kiss?! I must soon!

Jenny N.  – (18 juni 2011 om 10:21)  

Vacations are about having fun so I like to read some fun, light reads as well.

A Canadian Girl  – (18 juni 2011 om 18:24)  

I'd probably bring light, fluffy books too if I went on vacation since I want to have fun and explore rather than sit around and read.

Briana  – (19 juni 2011 om 08:36)  

I never bought a book in a foreign country. That does sound like fun =)

Shy  – (19 juni 2011 om 09:50)  

I rarely go to any place for vacation (Poor me!) but I think, if I happen to be going anywhere, I'll bring something light and fun as well =)

Juju at Tales of  – (22 juni 2011 om 06:01)  

I like light frothy stuff while on vaca. Great interview.

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