Happy Friday & Follower Friday

The question of the week is:
What do you do when you aren't reading?
I am a student, so when I'm not reading I am studying. When I'm not busy doing this you can find me in Amsterdam with my best friends, just hanging out, drinking a milkshake and having a fun time. I also love to go to the theatre (Musical Zorro, the 30st of July. Yay!) or watch a movie at the cinema (Tonight with my sister, going to see a horrormovie).

Just a short update:
Yesterday was so much fun. My best friend and I went to the subtropical swimming pool in Zeewolde and we had a blast. We had so much fun and we are planning to go back there at the end of our summervacation.
Also I'm changing my bloglayout, so if you see anything strange please tell me. ;)

The song I cannot get out of my head:

Happy Friday!!

Tammy and Mike  – (15 juli 2011 om 06:47)  

Hi Nina! It is so nice to come across your site! Here for the Follow Friday! We are your newest followers and hoe you stop by and visit us as well!


Lisa  – (15 juli 2011 om 07:59)  

I'm a student too so I understand the studying all the time. Isn't reading for a fun a great break for the textbooks?

Lea  – (15 juli 2011 om 09:04)  

Hi there, new follower stopping by!!

A subtropical swimming pool? That sounds like fun! I love going to water parks in the summer-- since I live in New York, it's cold pretty much all year, so for the few months when it's hot out, I like to be outside and go swimming or go to the park where there's waterslides and act like a little kid again! :)

You can see my FF post for this week at the link below, would love if you stopped by :)

Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

Bookworm1858  – (15 juli 2011 om 09:35)  

Hello, returning the follow!

I'm so glad to be done with school and studying FOREVER! Hahaha-but it's necessary and I really didn't mind it when I had to do it.

YA Book Queen  – (15 juli 2011 om 10:41)  

Happy Friday!

Subtropical swimming? Sounds cool! Have fun at the movie with your sister tonight :)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (15 juli 2011 om 11:21)  

There is something strange! Wait... that's a mirror. Sorry, it was me. *blushes* ;)

Hope you have lots of fun this summer vacay! Happy weekend!

Kristen  – (15 juli 2011 om 11:31)  

Hi, new follower stopping by from the Follow Friday blog hop! Great answer! Happy Friday and check out my Follow Friday post on my blog!

Kristen @suchateenagebookworm.blogspot.com

Melissa (i swim for oceans)  – (15 juli 2011 om 17:44)  

Happy Friday, Nina! I'm jealous of you going to a subtropical swimming pool! That sounds so so fun :)

Alison Can Read  – (15 juli 2011 om 21:13)  

Hopping through. Oooh...milkshakes. Those sound so good! Are they common in Europe? I knew a girl from England who came over here and had never had one before. That seems odd though - I know McDonalds in London has McFlurries.
My Hop

bookbitereviews  – (15 juli 2011 om 23:07)  

Following Back!! I Love horror movies, and im also a student so i feel your pain =]

-Becky @ Book Bite Reviews

Anoniem –   – (17 juli 2011 om 04:01)  

Can't get that song out ofmy head either! And it doesn't help that they're playing it on the radio allthe time!

Liz @ Cleverly Inked  – (17 juli 2011 om 06:52)  

I'm not sure what she is doing in the vid.

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