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Your boyfriend texts you that he’s feeling sick and he’s staying home today. As the best girlfriend ever you decide to surprise him with some home made chicken soup. But when you arrive at his house you see him making out with your best friend. You want to get revenge on both of them, which character will you choose to plan that revenge with you?
The bastard! Me, a disaster in the kitchen, spend a hour making soup for him and he goes sneaking around with my best friend! Like I have nothing better to do with my time. They both totally deserves what’s coming for them.

I need someone who can come up with some crazy ideas that will make them fall on their knees and beg for forgiveness. Something like this, but ten times worse: “Wait until he's dining with a new date, then call the restaurant and ask the maître d' to tell him that "his kids are on the phone and they're wondering how long they'll have to wait out in the cold.” Or I could just write his name inside a big heart on his lawn with gasoline and have a match ready for when he arrives. (You got to love Cosmopolitan) Yeah, that will teach him. The only person I can think of is Helen of Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood. The things this girl came up with to get revenge on Lauren was really mean and she had a detailed plan for all of it. She could really come up with some great scandals and pranks to make them suffer. *evil laugh*

Who would you choose?

Blodeuedd  – (16 juli 2011 om 13:52)  

Lol, good one ;)

Who would be bitchy enough to pull it off....someone really mean

Liz @ Cleverly Inked  – (17 juli 2011 om 06:50)  

I know a few real life people. LOL

Jenny N.  – (17 juli 2011 om 09:38)  

LOL where do you come up with these questions? Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood looks good and its the only book by Eileen Cook that I haven't read yet.

YA Book Queen  – (17 juli 2011 om 11:08)  

Haha, nice! Helen would definitely be able to get a few good pranks ;)

YA Book Queen  – (17 juli 2011 om 11:09)  

By the way, I love your new header! :D

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (17 juli 2011 om 12:39)  

Love the way you answered this one. LOL

I don't know what or who I would become. All I know is that they would both be wearing soup. :) Scalding hot, horrible tasting soup. :D

Nina  – (17 juli 2011 om 12:46)  

@Liz @ Cleverly Inked: That's very handy! ;) lol

Jenny N.: LOL! You should totally read this book. It's really hilarious & it comes with a great message about revenge. ;)

@YA Book Queen: Thank you!

@Melissa (Books and Things): Oooh, nice! :)

chelleyreads  – (17 juli 2011 om 20:26)  

i was trying to think up of a revenge plan but i just couldn't. i'd be a bad accomplice. but now you have me really curious about getting revenge on lauren wood.

Melissa (i swim for oceans)  – (17 juli 2011 om 20:55)  

I would totally choose A from Pretty Little Liars ;)

Nic @ Irresistible Reads  – (17 juli 2011 om 22:20)  

I would choose Eliza from Fury. She certainly sticks up for her friends and knows how to get revenge. Although I would be worried she would take it too far...

Nina  – (18 juli 2011 om 02:06)  

@chelleyreads: Yeah, you should def. check that book out. It so much fun, you will LOL. ;)

@Melissa (i swim for oceans): I still haven't read the PLLseries, but I have watched the first season. I have to agree with you, A would come up with some crazy (and very mean) ideas.

@Nic @ Irresistible Reads: I received that book from S&S, looking forward to meet Eliza! :)

GABY  – (18 juli 2011 om 06:08)  

Ok, I will have to read that book, just in case I need to plan a revenge! XD

The only one I know who could help me is A from Pretty Little Liars. I've only watched the show, but A is a total stalker and scary.

A Canadian Girl  – (18 juli 2011 om 13:53)  

Lol, I can't make anything so there's no way I'd be making chicken soup anytime soon. Assuming I buy some instead, I'd have to agree with Gaby above me. I haven't read PLL but watch the show. A really is scary.

Nina  – (19 juli 2011 om 01:11)  

@GABY & A Canadian Girl: I agree with both of you. A is indeed very scary!

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