Layout Change

Yay! I finally have done it. I've changed the layout.
Only the colours on my laptop are different than the colours on the *home* computer. Weird. But again Yay.

Lauren  – (23 juli 2011 om 10:19)  

I love it!! The header is adorable.

Blodeuedd  – (23 juli 2011 om 13:08) it supposed to look the way I see it, kind of the way when the hmtl has not worked out and I have to refresh the page. Will come back to make sure :)

Jenny N.  – (23 juli 2011 om 14:45)  

Love the header, did you do it yourself? Also I'm with Blodeuedd the layout looks off with no sidebars and background.

Nina  – (24 juli 2011 om 04:06)  

@Blodeuedd & Jenny N: It shouldn't look like that. Weird. I'm going to check it out on the home computer. Thank you for telling me!

Mari - Escape In A Book  – (24 juli 2011 om 04:50)  

Lovely and clean new design, Nina :)

At first it looked weird here as well but when I check back in now it looked like as it should.

Steph: Short and Sweet  – (24 juli 2011 om 05:09)  

omg it's cute as. I've got that owl necklace that you've got on your banner too lol. I must read Teen Vogue! haha

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)  – (24 juli 2011 om 05:11)  

So pretty! I love it. The header is gorgeous!!

A Canadian Girl  – (24 juli 2011 om 10:49)  

I like the new layout. The header is really cute.

the epic rat  – (24 juli 2011 om 16:12)  

Very pretty - and so very what I picture for you! :D I am psyched that you kept the owls because I think of you whenever I see something owl-y when I go through stores :D

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (25 juli 2011 om 11:29)  

I didn't know where I was for a sec! LOVE it!

Nina  – (26 juli 2011 om 01:09)  

@all of you: Thank you for liking it. :) I think my laptop is a bit messed up, because the colors are not the same as the colors on the *home* computer. ;)

Jillian  – (26 juli 2011 om 15:35)  

LOVE IT! So adorable and I love that owl pendant thing!!

Nina  – (27 juli 2011 om 03:30)  

@Jillian: Thank you, me too. :)

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