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Red Riding Hood (2011)
The first 30 minutes I laughed out loud. That outfit of the woodchopper looked like the outfit of Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, OMG, hilarious. It just looked ridiculous. The story itself is okay. It did had a bit of suspense in it and I had no idea who the wolf was. The ending made a little bit up for the slow, boring parts and the romance, which was really stupid.

Beastly (2011)
Bo-ring. I knew it when I saw that one of main characters was Vanessa Hudgens. Ever since I watched High School Musical, which by the way was also not a lot of fun, I did not like her acting skills. The only thing that made the movie watchable was Mary Kate Olson, which I thought was great. But unfortunately we didn’t get to see that much of her. Bummer. He, the beast, changed into himself again so quickly, it was unbelievable, it felt all like a big “boohoo” moment.

Ps: Interview With will start again next week.

If I had to choose between those two movies to watch again, it would be:
Neither of them!

Christina / Book Addict  – (10 september 2011 om 06:27)  

I haven't seen Beastly, but I did watch Red Riding Hood, which was extremely annoying and it had me laughing out loud as well. Love your Gaston comment- so true!

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (10 september 2011 om 07:13)  

I liked Beastly :) But you're right it's kinda slow.

I still need to check out Red Riding Hood.

Tricia  – (10 september 2011 om 07:33)  

I also liked Beastly. But I think I will skip Red Riding Hood!

Jenny N.  – (10 september 2011 om 09:45)  

I'm hoping the books will be better if I ever get around to reading it.

A Canadian Girl  – (10 september 2011 om 11:41)  

I wasn't really tempted to watch either and since you wouldn't choose to re-watch them, I'll probably skip these.

Nina  – (10 september 2011 om 12:06)  

@Jenny N.: I wanted to read Beastly, but now I think I will skip it. :)

Mari - Escape In A Book  – (10 september 2011 om 14:02)  

I wanted to see both of these movies but now I think I'll spend my time on some other movies instead LOL

Nina  – (10 september 2011 om 14:14)  

@Mari: Def. watch some other movies that you think would be awesome first. ;)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (10 september 2011 om 14:49)  

I will still watch Beastly because I like a Beauty and the Beast type of story, but I won't expect anything great. :)

PS... I can tell you who the wolf is if you like in Red. I read the movie book. ;)

Nina  – (10 september 2011 om 16:18)  

@Melissa: I actually already know, but thank you! lol. ;)

Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (10 september 2011 om 19:47)  

Hey Nina! Wow! I have to apologize for not stopping by in so long! Life's been a bit crazy lately, but I'm hoping to be around in the blogosphere more often now.

I've been really interested in seeing both of these movies, but at the same time, I'm not really expecting much of either of them. Definitely a rent from the movie place, not a buy, on my list!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them!

YA Vampire Books  – (11 september 2011 om 04:18)  

I know, Beastly was soo boring! Even though it starred Vanessa Hudgens I thought it would be a bit better than that! So I did get a bit disappointed...

Haven't seen Red Riding Hood yet, and not sure if I want to either ;)

Nina  – (11 september 2011 om 05:37)  

@Natalie: No worries! That's okay! ;) Life's pretty busy for me too. ;) Def. two movies not to buy!

@Ya Vampire Books: I didn't like Vanessa in High School Musical, but I think I was just too old to watch that silly movie. lol. :)

GABY  – (11 september 2011 om 06:54)  

Hehe, I don't think I will watch any of these...

YA Book Queen  – (11 september 2011 om 07:38)  

Completely agree with everything you said - Beastly was especially disappointing. MKO was definitely the only one who did a wonderful job!

Nina  – (11 september 2011 om 08:54)  

@ Ya Book Queen: I agree, MKO was fantastic. :)

Blodeuedd  – (11 september 2011 om 12:46)  

Oh pooh, I still have Beastly to watch but if it sucks, sigh

Jillian  – (11 september 2011 om 19:53)  

I haven't seen either yet, but I'm looking forward to, one of these days when I'm bored!

Nina  – (12 september 2011 om 06:08)  

@Blodeuedd: Sorry! ;)

@Jillian: Def. two movies to watch when your bored! Just don't expect them to be awesome..lol. ;)

Small Review  – (12 september 2011 om 08:05)  

Haha I like your commentary! I liked the romance in Red Riding Hood (I was sooo happy she ended up with the guy she ended up with), and the wolf was a mystery to me up until the end. But, eh, the whole movie was kinda lame. Totally agree with you about Beastly.

Nina  – (12 september 2011 om 10:35)  

@Small Review: :P Totally lame!

Mad Scientist  – (13 september 2011 om 19:24)  

I watched Beastly on the plane over to China. I was pleasantly surprised.

Mad Scientist

Steampunkery & Book Reviews

Nina  – (14 september 2011 om 07:11)  

@Mad Scientist:
Really? Why? ;) lol.

hmsgofita  – (16 september 2011 om 21:08)  

Yeah, not a big fan of either of these movies. Meh on both, especially Beastly! thank goodness, though, it was really really short!

Nina  – (17 september 2011 om 07:06)  

@hmsgofita: Thank goodness for that, indeed! ;)

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