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Every Sunday or Saturday (depends on how I feel) I will show you the books that I bought, received or borrowed! This meme/idea is hosted by The StorySiren.

Tomorrow I'm going with my best friend to the boekenfestijn (book festival). It's in Utrecht and there will be books with 60-80% dicounts. Yay! So look for another IMB post next week.

The books that I BOUGHT are:
Cum Laude by Cecily von Ziegesar:
Who doesn’t love the show Gossip Girl? Seriously I love it. I haven’t read a lot of reviews for this book, but what I have read isn’t very good. Oh no! Anything with drama in it is going to be read by moi, even if it got little of it. So yeah, not expecting this to be my wow book of the month, but still hoping it’s enjoyable.

Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John:
I love the cover and description of this book. This book will be my first read that has a main character that’s deaf, very interested in it.

Where I Belong by Gwendolyn Heasley:
Okay, I admit, I only bought this book because I adore the cover. Yes, I am deeply in love with this cover. Look at it, it’s cute!

Reality Check by Jen Calorita:
This sounds like a dramalicious read and I love dramalicious books. LOVE.

Crush Control by Jennifer Jabaley:
Last week finally this book arrived at my doorstep. I have waited so long for this book to come. The cover is fabulous and I’m certain that it’s going to be awesome.

Dutch books:

Memoires van een bitch by Francesca Petrizzo: (Memoirs of a bitch)
This is a romance novel written in a memoir form. The bitch mentioned in the title is Helen of Tory.

Sophie, koningin van der Nederlanden by D.Hamer & Dianne Hamer: (Sophie, queen of the Netherlands)
This is a biography of Sophie. In my previous mailboxes you may have seen that I bought a couple of books written about the kings of Holland. Sophie was the wife of the third king, Willem III. Everything that is written about these kings I want to read. It’s like a obsession to find out everything I can about them and their lives. So of course a book about the wife of king Willem III is a must read for me.

Malinche by Laura Esquivel:
I have read two other books written by this author and both I adored. I’m curious if I’m going to love this one, but I’m sure I will. I love the cover of this book and when I saw it in Maastricht I knew I had to buy it.

What did you get in your mailbox?

Blodeuedd  – (3 september 2011 om 06:00)  

I like the sound of the book about Sophie :)

Nina  – (3 september 2011 om 06:13)  

@Blodeudd: Me too! It's a biography, so I hope that I will get to know (understand) this queen a lot better. ;)

Christina / Book Addict  – (3 september 2011 om 06:15)  

I have been meaning to read Where I Belong- but haven't gotten around to it yet. I will also be curious to hear what you think of Cum Laude. Enjoy all your books!

Christie - The Fiction Enthusiast  – (3 september 2011 om 07:52)  

What a great mailbox this week :) Where I Belong is a pretty cute book. I fell in love with the cover too. Enjoy your books & the festival!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (3 september 2011 om 12:28)  

Such a good IMM! Love the title of Memoirs of a Bitch! LOL and I've heard such good things about Crush Control and 5 Flavors. Hope you enjoy!

Jenny N.  – (3 september 2011 om 13:51)  

Great mailbox! And I'm with you on the drama front as I love reading stories with lots of drama in them.

Alyssa@Teens Read and Write  – (3 september 2011 om 16:38)  

Wonderful books! How Cum Laude works out for you!

YA Vampire Books  – (4 september 2011 om 05:47)  

Great books! Looking forward to all oof your reviews, but especially the ones for Reality Check & Where I Belong!

Melissa (My words and pages)  – (4 september 2011 om 10:13)  

Looks like you had a great week and fun with getting books. :) Hope you love them all and have a great week this week.

Cindy (Oodles of Books)  – (4 september 2011 om 12:35)  

You got some great books! I enjoyed Crush Control, so I am sure you will too :) Enjoy!

Small Review  – (5 september 2011 om 17:13)  

I hope you like Reality Check! I haven't read that book yet, but I've read a bunch of Jen Calonita's Secrets of My Hollywood Life series and I love them. Happy reading :)

BooksforCompany  – (12 september 2011 om 14:55)  

Have a great time reading all of these! =)

hmsgofita  – (16 september 2011 om 21:10)  

Looks like some good finds! I've been wanting to read some of Laura Esquivel! I hear so many good things!!!

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