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Where do you buy your books?
Whenever I’m in Amsterdam and I want to buy a Young Adult book I will visit the American Bookstore. It’s my favorite bookstore in the Netherlands. The first floor has beautiful photographic books and magazines from all over the world. They have a lot of new and older young adult books, which is on the second floor. The paperbacks are about 12 euro and the hardback covers are about 20 euro. I usually don’t buy books with a hardcover there, because well I’m a student and that’s a lot of money. I love going there at the end of the month, because then there is a discount on young adult books. I also love that they got many books in different genres.

The next bookstore where I buy books is the English bookstore. It’s also located in Amsterdam, but it’s smaller then the American Bookstore. The books in this bookstore cost five euro. They don’t have a lot of young adult books, just four/five shelves. Also each week they have different books. So when you see a book two weeks ago and you come back to get it, it will be gone for sure. You also have to pay with cash and I love that about them. Why? Because I usually don’t have a lot of cash with me, I love to use the card, so I won’t be able to buy the store empty.

Some Dutch stores that I adore are Slegte, Bruna and two small bookstores that are located in my hometown.

Last year I discovered Such an amazing online bookstore. They have lots and lots of books and cheaper than the bookstores in Holland. I love it. Usually when I can’t find the book in the bookstore I will buy it online. It takes about two weeks for the books to arrive, but I’m not complaining.

I still haven’t tried to buy any books on I just keep hearing people say that they ordered their books there and they arrived damaged. So, I’m a bit afraid to order things there, but I’m sure in the near future I am going to order some movies and cd’s.

Where do you buy your books?

Christina / Book Addict  – (17 september 2011 om 05:28)  

Is that a picture of the American Bookstore in Amsterdam? If so, it's absolutely gorgeous! I love Book Depository too. I always get books from there if they don't sell them in the US! Great post, Nina!

Lisa  – (17 september 2011 om 08:16)  

That picture is gorgeous. If that was a bookstore in my town I don't think I'd ever leave.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (17 september 2011 om 12:10)  

I buy them where I can! Seriously. If I find a great deal and it is a book I want, I'm there! ;)

I hope that if you get stuff from Amazon, you don't get anything damaged!

Juju at Tales of  – (17 september 2011 om 12:17)  

Mostly Amazon (I've never had any issues with them but then I live in the states) and the Book Depository (it takes awhile for my book to cross the pond but they have amazing customer service).


Great question!

Jenny N.  – (17 september 2011 om 14:09)  

I get most of my books online now but I still like to roam the bookstores and browse through their selection.

Blodeuedd  – (17 september 2011 om 14:34)  

Amazon is more expensive than bookdepo and the cost of shipping is so high. Bookdep=love :D

And what a bookstore! I wanna go there

A Canadian Girl  – (17 september 2011 om 20:10)  

I love Book Depo too and can't imagine my life without it now :)

Danielle  – (18 september 2011 om 01:50)  

I buy books any place that sells them - chain stores, independent stores, the book depository, amazon, second hand stores, school fetes, community carnivals - anyplace!

Lily Child  – (18 september 2011 om 03:07)  

Awesome post! So interesting to read where you buy your books! I buy them at a local bookstore usually. I should buy them much cheaper. However, I love the atmosphere of my indie bookstore. :P

joanna  – (18 september 2011 om 05:04)  

Your photo is great! I like the sound of the English Bookshop, 5 euros, eh? Here in Brussels we have Waterstone's, which I find really expensive. There's one fantastic second-hand bookstore, but it's in an area I no longer go into... But we have an English-language children's/teen bookstore right in the village I live in and I LOVE buying books there, even though it's expensive. I just like the idea of this small shop in the middle of Flanders!

YA Book Queen  – (18 september 2011 om 13:14)  

Oh, wow! Look at that photo! So many books :D

Amazon is really good here in the states, but I have no idea how they do when it comes to shipping internationally. At least The Book Depository is always great :)

Cari  – (18 september 2011 om 21:36)  

I live in the US so I buy from local independent bookstores or sometimes I will buy from used bookstores.

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