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What’s the most beautiful bookstore you’ve been to?

This summer I went with my best friend to Maastricht and in Maastricht they have the most awesome bookstore that I’ve ever seen in my life. The name of the bookstore is Selexyz and it’s located in a church. Two hundered years ago the church lost it’s function and a couple of years ago they turned it into a bookstore. When you step inside it’s huge and light. And very busy, but def. worth to see if you are ever going to visit Holland soon.

Sullivan McPig  – (21 oktober 2011 om 01:31)  

This is the second time this week someone is talking about this bookstore. I might have to go there some day soon.

joanna  – (21 oktober 2011 om 02:42)  

Wow, that's amazing, it looks beautiful! We're not that far from Maastricht, maybe we'll check it out one of these days.

Christina / Book Addict  – (21 oktober 2011 om 04:44)  

Wow. This bookstore is incredible. I would love to go here someday.

Lisa  – (21 oktober 2011 om 08:07)  

Wow this bookstore is amazing. I'm very jealous. How gorgeous. I don't think I would ever leave.

Juju at Tales of  – (21 oktober 2011 om 10:06)  

I A. LOVE churches and B. LOVE bookstores. I bet I would adore this place.

Jenny N.  – (21 oktober 2011 om 10:31)  

WOW! I know that there's no bookstores like this where I'm from.

(: Isa :)  – (21 oktober 2011 om 15:35)  

Ah!!! I am so jealous! I wish I could have the privilege to go to that bookstore :( It is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and wow. They must sell lots of their books with an atmosphere like that! :D

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (21 oktober 2011 om 16:33)  

OM! I so need to visit it. I also think I need a way to keep my mouth from gaping at all the books and the architecture!

Jessica(BookLover)  – (21 oktober 2011 om 21:47)  

Amazing! I wouldn't mind spending a day there. :)

A Canadian Girl  – (22 oktober 2011 om 11:46)  

We need bookstores like that here. I love the fact that because it's in a church, the windows are going to allow lots of light to come in.

Harvee  – (26 oktober 2011 om 04:44)  

That bookstore in a church is the best I've seen.

Missie  – (26 oktober 2011 om 09:58)  

Oh wow! That is a bookstore? UNREAL! I'd Thanks for the pictures. I'd love to visit that place someday.

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