The Shadowing, Skinned by Adam Slater

Title: The Shadowing, Skinned
Written by: Adam Slater
Release date: August, 2011
Pages: 288
Source: Egmont UK

My Feelings:

Black Annis smiles. Her pointed teeth do not gleam; they are black with age and the bloodstains of her victims. She looks up at the human child - surely meant to be in bed and asleep. Some things don't change. Every hundred years the gateway opens between their world and ours. A human coven has joined forces with the dark beings of the Netherworld. Evil is growing. And Callum is caught in the middle. The Shadowing has begun…

My Review:
When I looked at this cover I was immediately scared. Look at it! It’s so creepy. I read the back of the book and it totally reminded me a bit of those R.L.Stine books that I loved when I was younger. Yesterday evening I started to read it and I just had to read the whole damn thing. I could not put it down, because A) It was creepy B) I could not sleep with that book on my bedside table (Again the cover). Yes, I admit when I finished reading it, I put the book in my drawer. And it will stay there, unless I can find another good hiding spot for it.

Skinned is the second book in the Shadowing series. I have not read the first book, but I wasn’t lost or missed out anything to not enjoy the story. Callum is a brave, strong, caring boy. He’s a likable character and very feisty. I liked the secondary characters a lot, especially his grandmother. My only complaint is that she gave in too easily. If she says no, it should have stayed a no and he should have listened to her.

The plot is great. There is action, suspense and some wicked spells. At the beginning the pacing was a bit slow, but it quickened it pace when the action kicked in. Also I loved how this story started, so creepy. At the end there are a few twist and turns, which made me anxious to get the third book.

Skinned is a fantastic book that has the creepy factor nailed down. Read it if you are or ever were a fan of R.L.Stine books.

A Canadian Girl  – (17 oktober 2011 om 08:45)  

Lol, that cover is scary! There's no way I'd be picking up this one even if it got like a hundred stars not because I'm sure it's not good but because I avoid scary looking books like crazy. I didn't read R.L. Stine books at all when I was younger because I'm such a chicken :)

(: Isa :)  – (17 oktober 2011 om 09:45)  

Lol. I agree with A Canadian Girl completely. As awesome as Morpheus Road seemed, I could not finish it b/c of how scary it was. But glad you liked this book! :D hope the 3rd is as good for you!

hmsgofita  – (17 oktober 2011 om 10:10)  

Whoa that is creepy! I'll have to check the first and this one out!

Blodeuedd  – (17 oktober 2011 om 12:46)  

That cover is truly creeping me out! Dunno how you dared to read it

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (18 oktober 2011 om 15:52)  

OMG! That cover would give me nightmares! LOL

I like dark, but I don't know about it if it is too scary.

That cover! *shivers*

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