Strange Angels by Lili St.Crow

Title: Strange Angels
Written by: Lili St. Crow
Release date: May, 2009
Pages: 293
Source: Won

My Feelings:

Dru Anderson has what her grandmother called "the touch." (Comes in handy when you're traveling from town to town with your dad, hunting ghosts, suckers, wulfen, and the occasional zombie.)

Then her dad turns up dead - but still walking - and Dru knows she's next. Even worse, she's got two guys hungry for her affections, and they're not about to let the fiercely independent Dru go it alone. Will Dru discover just how special she really is before coming face-to-fang with whatever - or whoever - is hunting her?

My Review:
Why did I waited so long to read this book? Someone should have told me it was awesome.

Dru is cautious, considerate and very creative. She also knows that she can only trust herself and I love that she listened to her instincts. A other character I really liked was her friend Graves. The dialogue between these two characters, even though there weren’t a lot of that In the beginning, is funny and sweet. He’s caring and nervous all the time, so cute. I’m not sure what I think of Christoph, other than that he is ancient. Serious!

The plot is great. It got zombies, vampires and werewolves in it and the action is unstoppable. It comes and goes in this story. There are a few parts that are slow, but that’s only so you can catch your breath and brace yourself for another huge action scene.

Strange Angels ends with a cliff-hanger and I’m so glad I won the sequel too. I already started to read it and now I’m thinking about getting the third book too.

Strange Angels is a book you should read if you adore Urban Fantasy/Paranormal stories and great kick-ass characters.

Small Review  – (27 oktober 2011 om 06:55)  

This sounds great! Hm, maybe I should have picked it up when it was a bargain book at Amazon. Thank you for the heads up about the cliffhanger ending! I'll make sure to have book 2 handy before I start. :)

Missie  – (27 oktober 2011 om 07:41)  

Oh, I haven't heard much about this book, so I'm happy for this review. If it has vampires, I'm sold. But the kick ass heroine makes me even more interested in trying it.

Thanks, Nina!

Nina  – (27 oktober 2011 om 07:58)  

@Small Review: I love bargain books. You could always get it online for a very cheap price. ;) Def. get book 2 too, you want to start reading it as soon as you finish the first one. :)

@Missie: You are welcome. Def. buy it if you want some kickass characters. Dru is awesome.

Jenny  – (27 oktober 2011 om 08:28)  

I've heard this series rocks, I really need to make time to read it. I love a strong heroine, and Dru seems like she's the kind of girl I can get behind:) Looking forward to your thoughts on the other books Nina!

Maria  – (27 oktober 2011 om 09:40)  

This is one of my favorite all time series. I just reread the enitre series last month. I can't wait for the next and final book to be out in November!!!

Nina  – (27 oktober 2011 om 10:15)  

@Jenny: Dru is a very strong heroine. You will love this book!

@Maria: I had no idea that the final books comes out in November! So soon! I'm now reading the sequal of the first book and I can tell you that it's becoming my favourite too. :)

bermudaonion  – (27 oktober 2011 om 10:26)  

I like unstoppable action, but I'm not so sure about the zombies, vampires, and werewolves. I'm glad you loved it.

Mari - Escape In A Book  – (27 oktober 2011 om 12:27)  

I loved this book as well :D But I didn't have the sequel, I have purchased it on audio now but haven't listened to it yet. Fingers crossed we'll both like it as much as this one.

Christie - The Fiction Enthusiast  – (27 oktober 2011 om 14:41)  

I've heard so many great things about this series. I had no idea it had zombies. I LOVE zombies. Thanks for the great review :)

Christina / Book Addict  – (27 oktober 2011 om 15:25)  

You know how much I love urban fantasy/paranormal, so I need to read this series! I've heard such great things about it too; I'm glad you liked it! I could go for a novel that's got some good action in it. Great review, Nina!

Blodeuedd  – (27 oktober 2011 om 22:38)  

I have heard that the books are good and it sure looks that way :D
And <I do like my UF books

Nina  – (28 oktober 2011 om 02:41)  

@bermudaonion: If you're not so sure about those creatures/myths and I don't recommend this book for you. It got all of that and a bit more. ;) But if you like action then this one is awesome.

@Mari: Fingers crossed. Let me know what you think of it.

@Christie: Here you go, another zombie book for you. Its awesome. :) Though it is more about vampires and werewolves. ;)

@Christina: This book is perfect for you. You will def. love it.

@Blodeuedd: yeah, you do like these kind of books. Def. for you!!!

Lily Child  – (28 oktober 2011 om 02:51)  

I've been meaning to read this series for a while now. Awesome review! :)

Jenny N.  – (28 oktober 2011 om 11:37)  

Good to know that it was awesome. There are so many series that I have yet to read and this is another one of them.

Nina  – (28 oktober 2011 om 12:42)  

@Jenny N.: I know, right! Just too many series to choose from. :)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (28 oktober 2011 om 15:07)  

Well, I still am waiting to read this book. I think I do need to read it, but I'm also going to get the next one if it ends in a cliffie! I hate those!!

YA Vampire Books  – (28 oktober 2011 om 16:14)  

oh you have the sequel? lucky you! I have only read the first one so far!

Nina  – (29 oktober 2011 om 07:11)  

@Ya Vampire Books: You should get the sequal too! I read it and it's awesome. :) Review coming soon! :)

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