Yay or Nay

We all have things we like in young adult books and things we absolutely hate. Here are my yay and nay’s.

Boys who are nice to girls
Boys who aren’t really attractive, but the main character still falls in love with him
Geeks (or Nerds)
Girls with self-confidence
Girls who can think for themselves
Girls who listen to their consciences
Parents who are there for their children

A bitchy best friend
Absent parents
Boys who are HOT and play in a band
Boys who are HOT and mysterious
Boys who are HOT and rude to girls
Girls with low self esteem
Girls who know that the HOT boy is dangerous, but cannot stay away from him
Girls who compare themselves to their popular, beautiful best friend
Instant love connection
Jealous friends
Stupid friends

Please share your yay and nays in the comments. I’m very curious.

Small Review  – (28 oktober 2011 om 06:51)  

Very much agreed, except I like the guys to be hot :)

My big nay: Love triangles! I don't like it when a main character is indecisive and strings along two guys.

Blodeuedd  – (28 oktober 2011 om 10:01)  

Lol, yes buuuuu rude boys and jerks! Love triangles are so done, I can take some where they couple is in love, and there is just someone who wants in. I can't take the heroine not being able to choose and loving them both

Mari - Escape In A Book  – (28 oktober 2011 om 10:12)  

I agree with most but does rude and bantering boy count for the same thing? I love me some banter, I'm that kind of girl LOL

Nina  – (28 oktober 2011 om 10:29)  

@Small Review: lol, yay = hot guys. ;) I totally forgot about Love triangles! Good one!

@Blodeuedd: I agree. The girl needs to make her mind up and just choose one boy. And stick with him. ;)

@Mari: LOL, :)

Missie  – (28 oktober 2011 om 11:18)  

YES! I love this list.

My biggest NAY: Girls who never thought they were pretty but move to a new school and suddenly every guy wants to date them because they are so hot!

Jenny N.  – (28 oktober 2011 om 11:38)  

I will always hate the bitchy best friend cause it always make me think why the main character is friends with them in the first place.

Nina  – (28 oktober 2011 om 12:41)  

@Missie: Def. a nay for me too.

@Jenny N: I agree!

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)  – (28 oktober 2011 om 12:46)  

Aw, I like boys in bands that are all hot and mysterious. lol!

Nay - Insta Love!!! most love triangles - I mean what is with all the love triangles?! It's just not realistic. Girls that are described as looking very girl-next-door and yet have all the boys in the book falling at their feet! :/

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (28 oktober 2011 om 15:06)  

Such a great list.

Nay: Keeps secrets that are just too stupid to keep and they know better. It goes for the parents as well!

YA Vampire Books  – (28 oktober 2011 om 16:14)  

Haha fun list! Though I have nothing against hot guys ;)

Roxy  – (28 oktober 2011 om 16:33)  

100% agreed!
And I also hate love triangles. They are really annoying!

Jill of The O.W.L.  – (28 oktober 2011 om 18:51)  

Yah for flirting! I luv flirting. But HUGE nah on the whole bad guy thing. Seriously!

Lisa  – (28 oktober 2011 om 20:44)  

I say Nah for instant love connections, no parents around, horrible/jealous/unsupportive best friends, and people (especially teenagers) who are outrageously rich.

Yah for the cute geeky guys, and I'm totally fine with the hot guys too.

A Canadian Girl  – (29 oktober 2011 om 01:59)  

I pretty much agree with your yay list and most of your nay list. I don't mind if the boys are hot even if it's a little unrealistic :)

Besides love triangles, weak heroines are a nay for me.

Nina  – (29 oktober 2011 om 07:12)  

@All: I should def. put hot guys in my yay list. lol. ;) I totally forgot! I know! How can that happend? ;)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (29 oktober 2011 om 08:26)  

AMEN sister. Well said. I don't see what the hype about Patch is about.

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