Bliss by Lauren Myracle

Title: Bliss
Written by: Lauren Myracle
Release date: September, 2008
Pages: 444
Source: Bought

My Feelings:

When Bliss’s hippie parents leave the commune and dump her at the home of her aloof grandmother in a tony Atlanta neighborhood, it’s like being set down on an alien planet. The only guide naïve Bliss has to her new environment is what she’s seen on The Andy Griffith Show. But Mayberry is poor preparation for Crestview Academy, an elite school where the tensions of the present and the dark secrets of the past threaten to simmer into violence. Openhearted, naïve Bliss is happy to be friends with anyone. That’s not the way it has ever worked at Crestview, and soon Bliss is at the center of a struggle for power between three girls—two living and one long dead.

My Review:
I thought it was quite odd that before I even knew that this book was based on the murder trails of Charles Manson I saw a documentary about him on TV. Very odd, right? Anyway, if you want to be scared you need to read Bliss.

Bliss is a naïve, awesome girl. She’s free spirited and friendly to everyone. A very likable character. Sandy was creepy. From the start I knew that she was up to no good. Definitely a very bad character.

The plot is amazing. It’s so, so creepy. The story is fast paced and has short chapters. We all know I love that. The quotes from the Andy Griffin Show and the Charles Mansion Trial fitted well with the story and I never have seen that before, very original. Again, creepy. Up to the last pages I was scared of one character in this book and her idiotic ideas. I almost screamed at Bliss to just get away from her and then realised I would be screaming in the night to a book. My parents would not be pleased with me.

I have to be honest when I started Bliss I gave it five hearts. I really was hooked and thought it wouldn’t get any better, but then the ending came and I was shocked about how abrupt it all felt. There were many questions unanswered and I was just unbelievable annoyed with it. WTH, I just want a great ending, not a confusing one.

StephTheBookworm  – (22 november 2011 om 06:28)  

I liked this one too. I thought it was so strange, creepy, and intriguing!

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)  – (22 november 2011 om 06:37)  

Glad you liked this one!

I've had a copy for a while, but somehow it's fallen down my TBR pile. I'll have to move it back up!

Small Review  – (22 november 2011 om 07:10)  

Oh no! Your review made this sound SO good...until the end! That's so disappointing. Still, I love fast-paced books with short chapters and the suspense sounds really good. :)

Nina  – (22 november 2011 om 07:12)  

@StephTheBookworm: Very intriguing! :)

@Leanna: Move it up! It's seriously good. Very creepy.

@Small Review: Short chapters are perfect. :)

Jenny  – (22 november 2011 om 09:17)  

I think I'm WAY too much of a wimp to take this book on, that cover alone freaks me out! Sounds like it's an amazing book though (aside from the ending), I just won't be able to sleep at night if I read it:)

Jenny  – (22 november 2011 om 09:42)  

So is it a stand alone book? I hope not if it's that disappointing.

....Petty Witter  – (22 november 2011 om 10:03)  

A great, honest review but alas not a book for me.

Ashley  – (22 november 2011 om 13:13)  

Oh wow, this one sounds really interesting! I don't know how I have never heard of this one before! I think I'm going to have to look into this one!

Roxy  – (22 november 2011 om 13:23)  

This book sounds goooood! I love the cover and the fact that it is this huge fast paced book! This is definitely going on my wish list! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (22 november 2011 om 15:48)  

Creepy? Oh yea! Then abrupt ending? Oh I don't know... I may have to library book it because you have my curiosity up!

A Canadian Girl  – (22 november 2011 om 17:59)  

It's disappointing that this one ends abruptly. I avoid creepy books but you've made curious about this one. Maybe I'll check it out at the library where it's nice and bright lol.

Lauren  – (25 november 2011 om 17:54)  

I've read a few of Lauren's books before and I really enjoyed them, so I think I'm going to have to give Bliss a try. Plus, I love creepy books, but the abrupt ending is worrying me a bit...Anyhow, great review! :)

Kelsey  – (28 november 2011 om 14:30)  

I've had my eye on this one for awhile now, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'm glad the beginning hooked you, but I'm hoping the ending won't be too shocking!

Nice review!

YA Book Queen  – (5 december 2011 om 08:03)  

Oh no! Not unanswered questions...I hate those so much. But otherwise, this book does sound pretty awesome. Maybe I'll check it out of my library :)

Great review, Nina!

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