The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

Title: The Girl Who Could Fly
Written by: Victoria Forester
Release date: June, 2008
Pages: 328
Source: Bought

My Feelings:

When homeschooled farm girl Piper McCloud reveals her ability to fly, she is quickly taken to a secret government facility to be trained with other exceptional children, but she soon realizes that something is very wrong and begins working with brilliant and wealthy Conrad to escape.

My Review:
After reading The Girl with the Silver Eyes I was a bit hesitant to pick up another middle grade book. But after carefully deciding what to read in the month November, I couldn’t resist this fabulous cover and picked it up right away. I’m glad I did, because it was a fantastic middle grade read.

Piper McCloud (Don’t you just love that name?) is such a cute little girl. She’s so adorable and loves flying. Yes, flying. All of the other characters were great too, especially the villain. She was just as I pictured her to be, sneaky and smart.

The plot was great, but some chapters weren’t necessary. A lot of talking and no action. Don’t let that scare you, because it were just three/four chapters that I could have lived without. I loved that all the children got the courage to escape and the friendship they had with each other was very special.

The Girl Who Could Fly is a middle grade book that even young adults and adults will enjoy. I recommend it to everyone who wants to read an adventurous story. And to everyone who wanted to fly when they were little.

Lindsay Cummings author  – (14 november 2011 om 07:00)  

sounds awesome!!

here's my review of A MILLION SUNS. stop by?!?!

Cindy (Oodles of Books)  – (14 november 2011 om 07:38)  

I don't remember ever wanting to fly, but this does sound really fun! I am sure I could get past the unnecessary talk and enjoy this one. Great review :)

TToria  – (14 november 2011 om 08:11)  

Sounds fun!

Great blog- new follower here. I found you through Book Blogs.

Please stop by mine when you get a chance :-)


(: Isa :)  – (14 november 2011 om 09:46)  

Aww this one looks really cute! I'm wary when it comes to MG books too, but sometimes I can't resist their charm. Love this cover. Glad it wasn't another silver eyes one :)

Juju at Tales of  – (14 november 2011 om 10:28)  

Great honest review. I've always been fascinated with this cover.

PS I saw that you're getting a new header :) Wahooo! Can't wait to see what Staci whips up for you :)

....Petty Witter  – (14 november 2011 om 11:02)  

Oh I so wanted to fly as a child, not nearly as much as I wanted wings and a wand though. Sounds like a read I'd enjoy, thanks for the recommendation.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (14 november 2011 om 15:49)  

I love the cover and the title too! I think this is a MG book I would like... especially since you do! Thanks for the recommendation.

Jessica(BookLover)  – (14 november 2011 om 16:08)  

Great review! I really enjoyed this one, too. I wish I had Piper's ability. :)

Jenny N.  – (14 november 2011 om 20:16)  

When you mentioned that you were reading this before I thought you were referring to another book since I have a different with the same title.

A Canadian Girl  – (14 november 2011 om 20:58)  

I love the cover of this one and since I read the occasional MG, I'll be sure to put this one on my wishlist. If I can't fly, I suppose I'll read a book about a girl who can :)

Nina  – (15 november 2011 om 06:07)  

@Lindsay: I'm hopping over soon! lol. ;)

@TTora: Thank you for following me. Going to check your blog out very soon. ;)

@Juju: I'm curious too. I seriously can't wait!

@Jenny.N: Now I'm curious to find out which book you mean. ;)

Jaskirat@SeeitORreadit  – (16 november 2011 om 13:12)  

This one sounds really good! I love the cover and premise sounds really good. I like reading MG books every once in a while so I'm looking forward to this one. Thanks for the incredible review. The characters sound great :)


Jillian  – (17 november 2011 om 22:36)  

This looks like a fun read! I LOVE MG fiction so I might have to definitely try this one! Plus the cover is cute.

Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)  – (17 november 2011 om 23:16)  

I've had this one in my TBR are pile for awhile. It's good to hear you enjoyed the book but I hope there weren't too many unnecessary chapters.

Hannah  – (19 november 2011 om 14:07)  

Sounds very funny!

YA Book Queen  – (5 december 2011 om 08:07)  

Love the characters name! This book sounds so fun :)

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