Dutch Cover Alert

Two new Dutch covers to talk about. Both of these book came out in November, 2011.

Wilde Haren by Gerie Smit:
Joke and Suuz (Such Dutch names, lol) grow up together in the little, suffocating town in the North. When Suuz gets a chance to work in the city, she goes. Joke stays behind and lives with her nosy parents. They both have different lives and their friendship grows apart. Joke starts using drugs to escape her problems and doesn't know that Suuz has big problems of her own in the city.

Vintage Verliefd by Petra Drenth:
Nikki never had any trouble finding a fun college, getting a job or even getting someone to fill in her taxform. Nikki loves her life, shopping all day is just too perfect to give up. Her boyfriend, Raymond, decides to start a relationship with the ambitious, too perfect Tatjana and dumps Nikki. Nikki has no where to go. She finds a cute little house in the big city and gets a job at the new age shop from her aunt. Nikki learns how to take care of herself and everything seems to get better. Until Raymond and Tatjana decide to live and start their new live in the house in front of Nikki's.

I love, love the cover of Wilde Haren (The first one, left). It's so beautiful. The girls look like woman from the fifties and also the seventees if you look at the dresses. I just love it and seriously the next time I'm walking by a bookstore someone should stop me. I have a really big need to get this book. Vintage Verliefd (The book on the right) sounds hilarious. It sounds so funny and yes, it's on my wishlist. Love the cover too. It feels vintage.

Lisa  – (7 december 2011 om 10:48)  

Both of these covers are fantastic. Vintage Verliefd looks so funny and cute!

Missie  – (7 december 2011 om 11:06)  

I love the cover of Wilde Haren, too. Let us know if you get the book and if it's good! :)

Jenny N.  – (7 december 2011 om 14:51)  

Vintage Verliefd sounds like a fun read but I feel that the look of the cover has a darker edge to it with the shadows creeping in.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (7 december 2011 om 15:49)  

I have to agree... I love Wilde Haren. Very pretty!

Jenny  – (8 december 2011 om 07:34)  

Love both of these! The dresses on the Wilde Haren one are gorgeous, I would absolutely wear both of those, and I just love how funky the Vintage Verified one is:) Thanks for sharing Nina!

....Petty Witter  – (9 december 2011 om 06:34)  

Grief, two very different covers, they normally have something in common but these two could not be any more different. Sadly I don't like either of them.

YA Book Queen  – (12 december 2011 om 08:05)  

I love the VV cover - so fun! :)

Nina  – (12 december 2011 om 09:07)  

@Missie: I will! :)

@Petty Witter: This is kind of a different post, both of the covers are Dutch books. Different books, not the same. lol.

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