Happy New Year

Looking back on 2011, my resolutions & goals were:

Read more YA books.
Goodreads says that I have read 115 books. Are all of them YA books? I think that 105 of them are probably YA books and then the rest is Adult. So did I made my goal? Yes, absolutely.

Check my e-mail more often. I have checked my e-mail often, but in November and December I didn’t check it a lot. But hey, those were (and are) busy months. So did I made my goal? Yes, freaking absolutely. Maybe it did took me a long time to answer everyone of you back, but hey I did write back, right?.

Do my absolute best and not get sidetracked. Yes and no. I have done my absolute best at school, but there were moments where I got sidetracked. Those moments (and I have to be honest, there were a lot of them) I regret the most. Yes, those moments when you sleep in until noon or when you watch SpongeBob in your pyjama are truly not memorable and a complete waist of time. Anyway, did I made my resolution? Yes and No. BE HONEST! Okay, no.

Go on city trips. This year I went to London and it wasn’t really a city trip as it was a research trip for school. I also went to Maastricht with my best friend. Did I made my goal? No, because I wanted to at least visit three new cities.

Do more fun stuff with friends! OMG. Let’s see. I went to the cinema with my best friends a couple of times. We saw Breaking Dawn, Isabelle (A Dutch movie) and a few other that I forgot. We have eaten out a lot. A LOT. We have drunk hot chocolate at a little coffee shop near school. We went shopping a few times and we went swimming. Did I made my goal? Absolutely freaking yes.

My Resolutions & Goals for 2012:

Do a monthly update.
I already started doing Monthly Recaps and I’m still going to do those in the new year, but I also wanted to do other updates. Sort of like personal updates, what I’ve been doing that month and what I’m planning to do in the new upcoming month. Maybe write some goals that I want to achieve in the next month. These monthly updates will come at the end of each month.

Write reviews in the same week as you finished reading the book. Sometimes I finish reading a book and I don’t write the review for it right away. When that happens I usually tell myself that I will write the review for the book in the weekend and then the weekend comes and I don’t write any reviews. The review books just pile up and I don’t want to do this. I want to finish a book and within a week write a review for it.

Write notes in notebook. Just because sometimes I forget what I love or hate about a book.

Participate in one meme. I want to participate in at least one meme. I have my own features on my blog, but once a week I want to participate in someone’s other meme/feature. I’ll probably am going to do that meme on Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish.

Read all the books that I bought in 2011. Last week I had a little read-a-thon and I wanted to read the books that were on my tbr pile. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. In 2012 I want to finish all the books that I bought in 2011. It will make me feel much better if I do.

Change my blog layout. I’m changing my layout. I’m still waiting for my header and then I’m going to change everything. I’m hoping that it’s going to be ready in January, fingers crossed.

Enjoy Life. Simple isn’t it?

Blodeuedd  – (31 december 2011 om 03:22)  

Yes on writing the same week ;)I try to do it the same day since I do not write notes, it takes the pleasure away :)

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)  – (31 december 2011 om 05:07)  

Can't wait to see your new layout. I'm bored of mine atm. I want a new one too!

Happy New Year! :)

....Petty Witter  – (31 december 2011 om 06:34)  

Congratulations on the goals of 2011 and all the best for those of 2012. You are a brave woman, I never set myself goals as I nearly always end up disappointed with myself. All the best for the new year, Tracy.

Roxy  – (31 december 2011 om 08:15)  

Awesome resolutions! I cant wait to see your new layout! I just recently changed mine! Have a happy new year! :)

the Vintage Bookworm  – (1 januari 2012 om 00:31)  

Great resolutions! =D I hope you succeed. Great job on your challenge. I can't wait to see your new layout, I love the one you have so the new one should probably be even more amazing. Happy new years!

the epic rat  – (2 januari 2012 om 15:12)  

Ooooh, new layout = WAY EXCITING :)

Super-awesome that you met your 2011 goals - and your 2012 ones sound achievable and fun! I am the same way with putting off the reviews after finishing a book or two...or twenty. :D

Happy new year!

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