Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz

Title: Necropolis
Written by: Anthony Horowitz
Release date: October, 2008
Pages: 388
Source: Bought

My Feelings:

Hong Kong has been taken over by the Old Ones and has become Necropolis, City of the Dead. Once in, there is no way out… Evil has been unleashed on the world and only five children – with special powers – can save it. Matt and the other three desperately need to find Scar, the final Gatekeeper, who has been trapped in Hong Kong, where puddles of water turn into puddles of blood, where ghosts, demons and hideous creatures stalk the streets. Matt has no choice but to follow her. Now, both imprisoned, their only hope of survival is to reach a secret door in the Man Ho temple. But even if Scar can find her psychic power, it may already be too late.

My Review:
When I bought this book a while back ago, I had no idea that it was the fourth book in the Gatekeepers series. No. Idea. Some people told me that I shouldn’t read it without reading the other books, but I didn’t know if I wanted to give the other books a try. I mean what if I buy the first book and it sucks. Then I still have the fourth book in possession. So, I read the fourth book without reading the other books in this series and it blew my mind.

The characters are really great and the plot is amazing. This book is about the last gatekeeper, Scarlett. She’s very brave and independent. Also very strong. She has no idea what’s going on, but she has a pretty good sense that it’s not good.

There were a lot of evil creatures/people in this book that gave me Goosebumps. They were all scary. This is such an adventurous book, you travel the world with it. You go to Peru, London, Russia , China and with the descriptions you actually feel like you were there with the characters. Also a lot of suspense and “OMG what just happened” moments.

The ending blew my mind. I was on the edge of my seat reading it. And now I need the last book! Necropolis is fantastic. I am for sure going to read the other books in this series too and hope that they are as fantastic as this one.

Lisa  – (5 december 2011 om 11:12)  

I don't know if I've ever read a scary book. I love though that there is tons of travel throughout the book. I feel like that would be an adventure in itself.

Blodeuedd  – (5 december 2011 om 11:25)  

Ohhh I like an ending that blows your mind :D

Mimi Valentine  – (5 december 2011 om 13:04)  

LOL I've totally done that too, Nina!! x) One time, I was actually halfway through a book before I realized it was the second one in a series. The author did a good job recapping everything, but boy was I still confused!

But Necropolis was suspenseful, sort-of-scary, and adventurous? This series definitely sounds right up my alley!! :) Plus, I used to LOVE Anthony Horowitz books, so I'm definitely planning on picking this up! Awesome review, Nina! :)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (5 december 2011 om 16:13)  

LOL I've NEVER done that before! *cough* Hee hee... at least it rocked! Looks like I'll find the first book and add it to the wishlist!

Jenny N.  – (5 december 2011 om 20:04)  

I admired that you read a series out of order since its something I would hardly ever do myself. It has me interested in it since it takes place in Hong Kong and its where my family is from.

YA Book Queen  – (6 december 2011 om 08:10)  

That's so great that it was still so enjoyable despite being the 4th book! This one sounds so good...I love suspense & "OMG" moments in stories, so I'll definitely be checking this series out.

Great review, Nina!

....Petty Witter  – (6 december 2011 om 09:07)  

Glad you enjoyed this one, the fact that the ending blew your mind is a great recommendation.

Nina  – (6 december 2011 om 10:02)  

@lisa: I love scary books. You should try one. Read one when it's Halloween. That's the perfect time. :)

@Mimi: If you used to love Anthony Horowitz books, you will ADORE this one. It's amazing.

@Melissa: lol.

@Jenny N: That's so cool & you should read this book then. ;)

@Ya Book Queen: Those "OMG" moments are precious. lol.

@Petty Witter: It did. It really did.

(: Isa :)  – (6 december 2011 om 10:24)  

I'm not a huge fan of scary books either, but this book has quite a cool cover. Great review Nina! It is good to know that it can be read even alone especially when there are that many books in the series. I love books that take place in other places! Maybe I will gift it to my younger sister. She's a horror story fanatic xD

Nina  – (7 december 2011 om 10:24)  

@Isa: Your little sister will love it. Horror at its best. :)

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