Round up Challenges 2011

Which challenges did you participate in 2011?
I participated in three challenges: YA Historical Challenge, YA Series Challenge and the Horror and Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge.

Did you failed completing a challenge?
Yes, unfortunately I did failed two challenges. I have not read any books for the YA Historical Challenge and I only finished one series (the Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong) for the YA Series Challenge.

What was the most fun challenge in 2011?
The most fun challenge was the Horror and Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge. Why? I succeeded in reading 24 books for this challenge. So big yay for me and I love Horror books.

Are you participating in new challenges for 2012?
No way. I found out that I really suck at challenges, so no I’m not participating in any fun challenge next year. Maybe in 2013 I’ll start again.

Are you going to participate in any challenges in 2012?

Lisa  – (27 december 2011 om 10:13)  

I only signed up for three last year too. I completed two and I failed one. So this year I decided to try again because I don't like failing. I'm determined to complete them all this year! But I'm sure life will get in the way. Oh well.

Nina  – (27 december 2011 om 12:04)  

@Lisa: Still two is very good. Good luck next year, you can do it! :)

wdebo  – (27 december 2011 om 16:18)  

I only signed up for one last year and I totally want to join in challenges this year...but seeing as how things are going, it seems pretty impossible with college. *Sigh-Sad =[ *

Jenny N.  – (27 december 2011 om 20:11)  

I signed up for a couple but most of them are ones I did this year and finished so I'm hoping I can do it again next year.

Nina  – (28 december 2011 om 06:18)  

@wdebo: I know how you feel. :(

@Jenny. N: Good job, Jenny! Good luck next year. Hopefully you can finish the new ones too. :)

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