It seems a long time ago since I have wrote something besides a review. I’m still here, alive and healthy, I’m just not that active anymore. December is such a busy month, but a fun one it is. I still need to do a lot of stuff for school, but hey that’s life. My Christmas vacation starts next week and I have plans. Yes, plans. I need to reduce my tbr pile to at least 5 books. At the moment there are 12 books in that pile that I need to read. Also I need to read the books that I have received for review last and this month. I need to catch up on those. So I’m going to hold my own little read-a-thon week. Probably going to start reading books on Tuesday and stop on Friday. We’ll see how it goes.

Read, but not reviewed: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
Last year I bought this book in London and ever since I came back it was on the bottom of my tbrlist. For some other reason I couldn’t pick it up and start reading it. Last week I decided it was time and let me tell you, this book blew me away. It was so emotional and very powerful. I just cannot express my feelings about this book, without repeating myself, so the review for this book won’t be coming. I’m sure you all have read it and that I’m the last person on earth that hadn’t, but if you haven’t you should pick it up.

I still need to tell you the awesome news that I have, but you just have to wait a little while longer. I need some more confirmations first and then…NEWS. Lol. Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to buy Christmas presents in Amsterdam and some stuff for myself. Yay.

I haven’t posted a song in a while, so here’s my favourite this month(ENJOY):

Lisa  – (19 december 2011 om 08:41)  

I really like Before I Fall too. I agree that it is one of those books that is hard to review because for me it seemed like my emotions were all over the place.

YA Book Queen  – (19 december 2011 om 09:03)  

Before I Fall was definitely emotional and powerful - such an amazing book! Glad you enjoyed it, :)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (19 december 2011 om 11:51)  

Aw.. not available here. :(

Well, I still haven't read that book... yet, but I will! Have fun and have a great holiday!

Missie  – (19 december 2011 om 13:29)  

Yes, it's a very busy month indeed! Have fun shopping!

And thanks for making me all curious about your news! Looking forward to it. :)

Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (20 december 2011 om 13:59)  

I'm so glad you enjoyed Before I Fall, Nina! When I first read it, it blew me away too!

Lily Child  – (21 december 2011 om 01:09)  

I'm so glad that you liked Before I Fall! Great book! No worries! December is a busy month for all! Take care of yourself! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

....Petty Witter  – (21 december 2011 om 03:43)  

Good luck with your readathon, I look forward to hearing how you get along.

Nina  – (21 december 2011 om 09:46)  

@Lisa: Exactly! It's so hard to describe what I really loved about it, but it was really good.

@Melissa: You should def. pick the book up. Maybe not the perfect read for December, but certainly for after the hollidays.

@Missie: Yay! Maybe next week. ;)

@lily Child: You too!!

@Petty Witter: I'm looking forward to it myself too. Curling up in bed (not the whole week of course, lol) and read. :)

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