Around the World
Short reviews about books that take place in cities/countries that I visited or want to visit someday. The reviews will be (of course) about the books, but also about the setting in the city/country. Do I actually feel that I’m in Paris while reading ‘Madame Tussaud’? Is it realistic? Has the author been to the place she/he is talking about or is this just basically written on ideas and fantasies? If you have any recommendations about books that take place in the cities/countries I want to visit, please contact me. I love to hear from you.

Dutch Cover Alert
Dutch and American covers are compared & you give your opinion about the covers.

If You Love
Every month I will tell you what I’m watching and which two books I recommend if you love the show as well.

Interview with...
Every month I will answer a silly or not so silly question about books! 

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