Things to do when you are up in the Air!

Last night I was thinking about the last time I was in an airplane for 8 hours & realised that was a long time ago. The last couple of years I only travelled to places in Europe and those were flights of one or two hours. I started to think about what I’m going to do while I’m in the airplane. I’m sure there are many more things to do in an airplane, but I could only think of these:

Read a book. Or magazines. I’m one of those persons that get nauseas when I read a book on the plane. I do love to bring magazines with me and just flip trough it and look at the pretty pictures. I am going to bring two books with me, True Whit by Whitney Port & Vogel by Enne Koens, but I probably am not going to read them on the plane.

Listen to music. When I travel I love to listen to music. Time goes by very fast if you listen to music on the plane. Music I have on my mp3 for my flight tommorow is Young blood by Young and Famous, It will rain & On the other Side by Bruno Mars, With your love by Cher Lloyd & many more.

Write in diary. I recently bought a beautiful notebook and I’m declaring it as my travel diary. Every day, starting the 31st of January, I want to write in it what I have done, seen, my feelings and experiences. I can start with writing some goals in my diary or just write about the plane ride, the people in the airplane, the food etc.

Watch a movie. I like watching movies on the airplane, but those movies have to be fun movies and not depressing ones. I’m not a big fan of flying and watching movies can take my mind away of what I’m actually doing and where I am. In the air, oh my!

Sleep. Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m flying in the morning, because I can sleep in the airplane. I usually don’t sleep well in the airplane, I always keep thinking about my destination place and what I’m going to do there. I should write the things down that I’m thinking about and then try to fall asleep. Let’s hope this helps.

What do you like to do in the airplane? Do you have some advice or tips for me?

Juju at Tales of  – (30 januari 2012 om 09:04)  

I can't concentrate on planes. Too much noise and commotion. So reading is usually out for me. So I go with auditory and visual distractions. I read magazines, watch movies, and listen to audio books.

Lisa  – (30 januari 2012 om 10:15)  

I usually read, listen to music or sleep. I always bring a magazine for when the flight takes off and lands since it is a better distraction for me when all electronic have to be turned off. I also bring lots of snacks with me. I find if I have some comfort food I feel better.

Jessica(BookLover)  – (30 januari 2012 om 10:29)  

I'm with Juju, unless the book can completely capture my attention, I'm usually struggling to concentrate. I'm also not very good at sleeping on planes. I like to listen to audiobooks, watch movies, play Angry Birds... :)

Sarah  – (30 januari 2012 om 10:35)  

I think you thought of everything one can do on a plane except for visit with the person sitting next to you--which may or may not be a bad idea . . . I read both magazines and books and listened to music when I flew to and from California last week--it was two flights lasting about two hours each. Music and magazines are great for when you don't feel focused enough for a book, and I usually don't on planes. Wherever you're going, I hope you have fun :) Safe travels!

Missie, The Unread Reader  – (30 januari 2012 om 10:43)  

Listen to an audiobook! I love listening to audiobooks on a plane ride. The time passes quickly, but then again, I also like to sleep on most of the time. LOL

Blodeuedd  – (30 januari 2012 om 11:07)  

Read...yup, that is my only advice :)

GABY  – (30 januari 2012 om 15:35)  

I can't sleep on airplanes so I usually just read. When I get tired I just flip trough magazines and then watch movies/series. As you, they have to be funny.

The idea of writing in a diary sounds fun, at it will be great to read it a few years later and remember the good times :P

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (30 januari 2012 om 15:44)  

I'm like you. I don't get car/plane sickness except when I read. So, I listen to music. Hopefully you'll have fun on the plane. I always remember the first time I went on a plane by myself. An elderly lady and I started talking. I told her I was nervous. She said that she led a good life so if it was her time, she was good. I said... HEY! I haven't yet! She just laughed at me. :D

Teddyree  – (31 januari 2012 om 16:30)  

I listen to audiobooks, play games on my ipad and watch movies ... I'm usually too excited to sleep but I haven't had a plane trip longer than 10 hours. I wonder if I'd sleep flying to UK from Australia; it's 26 hours ... uggh.
Have fun!!

Melissa (My words and pages)  – (31 januari 2012 om 17:15)  

I go with the reading. ;D If you aren't bugged by the person sitting next to you. oh, I do hope you have a wonderful flight. :)

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