Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book

The Broke and the Bookish created this weekly feature where bloggers/readers can post their top ten list.

1. Sophie Dahl. I loved Playing with Grown ups & I still need to get a copy of The Man With The Dancing Eyes, but I would love it if she would write another book. She’s a great writer, very talented.

2. Caren Lissner. My favourite contemporary Young adult literature is Carrie Pilby & therefore I wish Caren Lissner would write another young adult novel.

3. Michelle Rowen. I still need to read the sequel to Reign or Shine, but I would love if Michelle Rowen would write another young adult book. And if she does, a paranormal young adult book with another character that can totally kick ass.

4. Antony John. I ADORED Five Flavors of Dumb. One of my favourite books of 2011 & yes, I wish he would write more young adult books with awesome, unique characters!

5. Ebony McKenna. Please give us another book in the Ondine series. They are fabulous fairy tales & I need one more!

6. Jane Austen. This one doesn't need any explaining. Right?

7. Elizabeth Rudnick. Tweet Heart was such a fun, light hearted book that I would love it if Elizabeth would write another book.

8. Gareth P. Jones. After reading The Thornthwaite Inheritance & absolutely adoring it, I want Gareth P. Jones to write another book. Another middle grade book, please.

9. Andrew Kauffman. All My Friends Are Superheroes was super hilarious & I would love if Mr. Kauffman would write something similar to it. Something that’s laugh out funny.

10. Laura Esquivel. I already read two of her books & Malinche is on my to be read pile. Her books are so romantic & very tragic, but so, so good. I really love her books and I want to read more of her. Please, write more.

Juju at Tales of  – (10 januari 2012 om 04:13)  

It's been too long since I've read Esquivel.

Nina  – (10 januari 2012 om 04:26)  

@Juju: Oh, you should def. read more of her. She's so good.

Tanya Patrice  – (10 januari 2012 om 04:29)  

Ooh I haven't read many of these authors - so thanks for the recommendations - Five Flavors of Sumb sounds especially enticing.

Nina  – (10 januari 2012 om 04:35)  

@Tanya Patrice: Five Flavors of Dumb is for sure a great YA books & I do recommend it. I would love him to write more books like that. :) & you are very welcome.

Niii  – (10 januari 2012 om 06:11)  

Jane Austen!!!!
I agree with you.

Anoniem –   – (10 januari 2012 om 06:47)  

great list! hope some of them put out another book soon :)

Heidi @ Bunbury in the Stacks  – (10 januari 2012 om 07:28)  

Five Flavors of Dumb is on my must read list for 2012! Also you might not have thought of Roald Dahl, but I didn't think of Sophie! I've never read anything by her, but you've prompted me to put her in the TBR pile. =)

Laura  – (10 januari 2012 om 08:07)  

Great list.

Jane Austen's works are amazing. Def. could use another one.

Laura @ The Traveling Owl

Shannon (Giraffe Days)  – (10 januari 2012 om 08:40)  

I have Malinche on my TBR pile too, as well as Like Water For Chocolate which I'm reading for a challenge this year. I feel very positive after reading that they're "romantic and very tragic" - I like that!!

I'll have to look into Carrie Pilby now... :)

Thanks for visiting!

Blodeuedd  – (10 januari 2012 om 09:11)  

Jane Austen sure does not need anything more said about it. I would love love that

Nina  – (10 januari 2012 om 09:20)  

@Niii: Yay! :)

@confessionsofacommonreader: Me too!

@Heidi: Yay! Def. read Playing with Grown ups. A very good book.

@Laura: I agree.

@Shannon: If you like tragic & romantic reads, you def. will fall in love with Like Water For Chocolate! Such an amazing book.

@Blodeuedd: Nuff said. :)

Lisa  – (10 januari 2012 om 10:35)  

Thanks for introducing me to so many new authors. I have only heard of a couple of these but I will be checking out the others. Great list.

Nina  – (10 januari 2012 om 10:49)  

@Lisa: You are very welcome. ;)

Jenny  – (10 januari 2012 om 10:58)  

Oh dear! Besides Jane Austen I haven't even heard of any of these others...Not good.

Jana  – (10 januari 2012 om 11:38)  

Thanks for visiting my blog today! You mentioned that you loved The Host more than Twilight, and I totally agree! The Host was riveting. I really want more of the story.

I love YA contemporary, but have never heard of Caren Lissner. I'll have to check out this author! What a great list! I haven't heard of several of your picks, but you've got me excited to go research them!

- Jana @

Kelsey  – (10 januari 2012 om 13:10)  

I also want new reads from Michelle Rowen and Elizabeth Rudnick! Luckily I have Antony John's next release in my TBR pile ;)

Jessica(BookLover)  – (10 januari 2012 om 13:20)  

I love Five Flavors of Dumb! I wouldn't mind more books like that. :)

Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (10 januari 2012 om 13:48)  

Jane Austen? Nope. Needs no explaining. Lol. I've only read two of her books (Pride and Prejudice and Emma), but I need to finish the other four!

Sarah  – (10 januari 2012 om 13:56)  

Haha, Jane Austen! I know she can't write another book, but perhaps someone could discover an unpublished manuscript? A girl can dream . . .

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (10 januari 2012 om 14:58)  

Such a great list. I would especially love to know where Jane Austin would take us in a sequel.

Melissa (My words and pages)  – (10 januari 2012 om 17:23)  

Now this is quite a list here. Great picks! :) Thank you for sharing this one, I really enjoyed it.

Amber  – (10 januari 2012 om 17:46)  

You've got quite a diverse list going on here! I've never heard of Caren Lissner but I love that cover you posted. I'll have to look into her.

Nina  – (11 januari 2012 om 02:54)  

@Jenny: lol. ;)

@Jana: If you adore YA contemporary, you should def. check that book out. It's fabulous.

@Kelsey: You lucky girl. Can't wait to find out what you think of it. :)

@Jessica: That book was amazing & I loved all the characters, even the minor ones.

@Natalie: :) Emma is great, isn't it? One of my favourites.

@Sarah: If only...:)

@Melissa (Books and Things): Oh yeah, a sequal of Emma. Now that would be a book I would def. read.

@Melissa (My words and pages): You are very welcome.

@Amber: Love that cover too, but it's not really fitting with the main character of the book..oh well....still loving it.

YA Book Queen  – (11 januari 2012 om 09:04)  

Tweet Heart was such a fun book! Hopefully Elizabeth Rudnick will write something else :)

Erica  – (11 januari 2012 om 11:16)  

More from Jane Austen would be epic :)

Nina  – (11 januari 2012 om 12:38)  

@YA Book Queen: I agree. I would love something like that again from the same author.

@Erica: Indeed, EPIC! :)

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