Bye, bye February!


Thankfully no goals set for this month. I have read one book & I’m still not done with it. I started reading this book probably the first week I was here on the Island. I’m normally a fast reader and certainly with this kind of book, it’s True Whit by Whitney Port. I know, it’s easy, super easy, but I just
can’t seem to find the time or the energy to start reading it.

I do miss reading. Oh gosh, I really do. You do know what I mean right, YA books. I miss
reading YA books. My mom already warned me that when I come back I shouldn’t go browsing online without a budget. I was like, when I graduate you better give me books so I don’t have to do that. She just laughed, probably thinking ‘if she has a budget she probably will get over it. And when I give her books, she
is still going to buy more books online. Oh well, I tried’. Lol, you got to love mothers. There is somelight at the end of the tunnel, there is a English bookstore in town. My uncle drove past it and said it was the largest on the Island. Hooray! Now fingers crossed they got YA books.


I was going to visit my grandmother today, but unfortunaley I couldn’t go. We had car trouble and we had to wait untill the mechanic could fix it. I am going to visit her, but it’s not going to be this week.
I will call my uncle and ask him if he could get me and bring me to her. I think it’s much safer that way and cheaper, because I don’t have to take the cab. This month I wanted to write every day in my travel diary. Too bad I didn’t do that. I bought this new notebook & I thought I would be able to write just a little in it everyday, but I forget and let’s see..the last date was Monday, the 20th of February. So yes, I’m a little over a week behind, but I can still catch up. I still have hope that I will do this from now one, starting tonight.

In the second week we were on the Island we went to two museums. Kura Hulanda & the Curacaose Museum. They told us that the Curacaose museum was the largest museum on the Island & I did like it, but I didn’t find it spectacular or very big. I loved Kura Hulanda. In the first week my uncle (who lives here) took us to Kura Hulanda and he walked with us trough the garden & told us about the history of the buildings and who used to live in them. I, as a History student, loved it & next Wednesday I’m going to walk to Otrobanda (where Kura Hulanda is located) with a tour and he is going to tell me (and the others) all about the old part of the city. I’m really excited about this and I want to know more about it. When you walk trough the old part, you don’t know what you see. Some buildings are very old and are just crumbling down and others are restored to their natural beauty. Anyway, I’m really excited & I can’t wait to tell my uncle all about it. We also went to the cinema and it was fantastic. In the Netherlands you can buy popcorn, chocolate and other sweet treats, but here in Curacao you can buy hot dogs, fries and other hot meals. We were like: WHAT! I like it, they should do that too in the Netherlands.


Being more organised is a big challenge, but I’m doing great with it. So yeah, my desk is a mess & there are clothes everywhere and I probably should clean my room before the roaches come visit me, but I know what I’am going to do with my class tommorow. I also know that I still need to grade some stuff they made and I know where that stuff is & I also know what my budget is everyday and what I can afford to do and what not to do. See, good right? *looks back at her bed & thinks oh no, where are my keys*.

Being positive is always a good goal. Not only for February, but also for the upcoming months. I don’t want to elaborate, but let’s say not everyone can be your friend or the type of person you love hanging out with. So, yeah, I did had a couple of moments where I really wanted to shout to the other person, but I didn’t & I hold my tong. I do feel like I need to come up for myself a little more and just say what I feel and want. I’m slowly learning how to do that.

So it looks like this:
1. Be more organized,
2. Every Friday write an e-mail (weekly update) to my best friend,
3. Dress up and walk in high heels ( I count this one as one goal)
4. Be positive.
5. Visit my grandmother (She lives in Curacao)
6. Write everyday in my travel diary
7. Take loads of pictures (Take my camera with me everyday).

Goals for February are: 1. Do stuff alone. I can go to a museum alone, go to the cinema alone, go swimming alone, shop alone (saw some beautiful shops in the city). 2. Be more outgoing. I need to say yes more often. 3. Eat local food. 4. Visit my grandmother. 5. Finish reading True Whit. 6. Make school stuff.

I love that the houses/buildings here have all different colours. So beautiful.

Loved this beach & I totally forgot the name of it. Oh well, that happens. We had the best time here. Friendly people at the restaurant upstairs (where I took the pictures) & just so beautiful.

Another beach! Yay! Porto Playa Mari (or something, lol). Also a good beach. Not a lot of people. Too bad the rain started to drop & we took off fast. Which is kind of weird, thinking about it, because in the Netherlands it rains all the time and then we just carry on with what we were doing.

Flamingo's. They are so pink! The weather was bad again, but we still could see them & take pictures of them. Lots.

Niii  – (29 februari 2012 om 17:30)  

Hi Nina
so, a lot goals this month! Hope you get all that you want!
Curacao is soooo beautiful! Oh Gosh, Now I'd love to go there!

enjoy Nina!

GABY  – (29 februari 2012 om 17:36)  

Cute pictures, Curacao looks so pretty! Good luck with your goals, I wish I could walk on high heels hehe

Nina  – (29 februari 2012 om 17:51)  

@Nii: Hopefully you can go there one day. You will love it. ;)

@Gaby: It's really pretty. :) Thanx, hopefully I can cross them all of next month. We'll see, right? ;)

Nina  – (29 februari 2012 om 17:51)  

@Nii: Hopefully you can go there one day. You will love it. ;)

@Gaby: It's really pretty. :) Thanx, hopefully I can cross them all of next month. We'll see, right? ;)

Juju at Tales of  – (1 maart 2012 om 10:19)  

What awesome pictures!

Yay for making visiting grandma a priority!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (1 maart 2012 om 12:25)  

Looks so pretty. Wish I was there. :)

Sorry that you had a bit of a hardship in the friend dept. Hopefully you won't have to deal with too much of that.

Btw, I don't do high heels so well either. If you learn, you can teach me!

Nina  – (1 maart 2012 om 15:30)  

@Juju: Yay indeed, but unfortunaley I forgot to call her and inform her of the change of plans. I know, stupid me! I feel so ashamed, my uncle called and told me that she waited for me and cooked for me. I was like: Oh damn, I forgot, didn't I? I am totally going to make it up. Tommorow before school starts (11.oo) I will call her and apologize. Hopefully she will forgive me.

@Melissa: If I learn I for sure am going to teach you. :) We can walk in high heels together. lol.

hmsgofita  – (1 maart 2012 om 20:13)  

Gorgeous pics! Looks like some worthy goals! Sounds like your internship is going well! Have fun and have fun learning and experiencing!!!!

Nina  – (2 maart 2012 om 16:01)  

@hmsgofita: Thank you. I really like the school where I intern and I;m having the best time so far. ;) Hopefully it stays that wayy.

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