Where can I read best?

I thought this would be a great question to try to answer while I'm far away from my favourite couch in my room & my very comfortable bed (that I truly miss). As you know, I'm still in the middle of reading True Whit by Whitney Port & I'm having a hard time finishing it. Not that's it boring, no not at all, but I can't seem to find a good comfortable place to sit and read. So another good reason to do this post. So let's start with the place where I started to read the book: the beach.

As you may have read in one of my previous posts I'm not a beach person. Yeah, I love to go swimming & sit in the sun for like half an hour and then I'm truly bored. And because Í wasn't going alone to the beach and couldn't leave the minute I was bored I had to find a way to kill time. So I brought True Whit with me. I was really comfortable, the sun was high, but I was sitting in the shadows. The beach wasn't crowded, there weren't many people there & I had the best view : beautiful blue water. I had a bottle of water with me & I thought I was set to start. So I started. & then halfway in my butt started to hurt and I needed to get of the "chair" and do something. So I stopped and went for a swim. When I was out of the water, I felt tired and all I wanted to do was lay in my chair and sleep for a while or just close my eyes. So I did & after a while I decided to put the book back in the bag and get my MP3 out. For the last hour on the beach I listened to music, talked to the person I was with, eat & slept.

So the beach for me is indeed a good place, but I can't read there for hours.
After a while I couldn't concentrate anymore & I needed to do something different. Maybe it is different when I have a different book with me. Something that hooks me & doesn't let me go, True Whit doesn't do that to me.
So next time I will bring another book with me and try again.

Reading True Whit at the beach!

How about you? Can you read on the beach?

(: Isa :)  – (3 maart 2012 om 18:17)  

Well where I live...the beach isn't all that good even for swimming xD We go like once a year in the very middle of summer and even then the water is like 45 degrees Fahrenheit and it is almost always windy. So no. The beach doesn't work for me either. But that picture is amazing! Hope you are having fun! It looks lovely :)

Niii  – (3 maart 2012 om 18:59)  

Hope the next time you can to read! =)

Nina  – (4 maart 2012 om 06:21)  

@Isa: So no reading on the beach for you! :) I think I like reading on the beach, but for like an hour/half an hour & than do something different.

@Niii: Me too!

Jenny N.  – (4 maart 2012 om 09:39)  

The beach sounds like a great place to read. Sometimes I read outside too (in my backyard) when its sunny and warm out.

Nina  – (4 maart 2012 om 10:23)  

@Jenny N.: I love reading in the backyard. When I was in Holland I used to do that too. I'm thinking about spending some time on the balcony with the company of two books. ;) lol. We'll see how that goes.. Maybe next Saturday it will be about reading on the balcony. ;) Thanx for the idea.

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