Bye, bye March!


Here I go again, I miss reading young adult books. On Saturday we went to a Dutch bookstore and I bought a ‘local’ children book about Tula (slave in Curacao). The book is written in the language Papiamentu, the language that they talk here. I can understand it, but I cannot talk it fluently, so I thought this is a good way to start practicing it more. Too bad I didn’t find young adult books from the US/UK. One of my goals was to finish True Whit. I didn’t finish it! I know! I’m going to finish it very soon.


In March we went to Sea Aquarium, Westpunt (a lot of beaches) & to the liquor factory.At Sea Aquarium I gave fish to huge turtles and I even petted a flamingo. How cool is that? Loved it. Westpunt was fantastic. We drove there and we spend the whole day there. There is a restaurant called Jaanchie’s & there we ate (I swear) Iguana (not sure if this is the right word, but anyway). It was okay, a bit like beef. We also saw one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island, Large Knip. Such a beautiful beach, blue water and white sand. The liquor factory was nice. A small factory and not a lot to see. We did get the chance to taste two of them. And I have to say, the one with the chocolate flavour was the best.


Life is fine here in Curacao. You have to take it easy here and just relax, don’t worry because everything will be fine. Loving that! I did do some stuff alone this month, I went to the Mail museum. It was okay. I did saw some beautiful stamps, a couple of really old ones. I also tried local food, pastiche (pastry) with cheese and Iguana. Oh I almost forget and stew. I also made an effort to be more outgoing and say yes more often. I went barbequing with the other students here at one of the students house & we also went together to a disco.

It’s really weird. I mean I don’t miss the Netherlands, but I do miss my friends and family. I also do miss that on Sunday you can’t just get on the train or bus and go somewhere totally different. Everything is closed on Sunday & as you all know by now I’m not a big beach person. I also miss laughing about stupid things with my best friend & just going out together. I’m sad we can’t go to the movie Titanic in 3D together. Seriously we are Titanic fans. So sad. ;) Don’t get me wrong, I love (LOVE) it here and I’m having a fantastic time. But it would be better if everything and everyone I miss was here. Lol.

So nuff talking, let us look at the list:
1. Do stuff alone
2. Be more outgoing
3. Eat local food
4. Visit my grandmother. I did talked to her on the phone a couple of times & I'm going to the church with her (Easter).
5. Finish reading True Whit
6. Make school stuff

Goals for April are:1. Finish the paper I’m working on & make the deadline! 2. Write everyday in my travel diary. This is a goal from February & I’m doing it differently now. The updates/ e-mails I’m sending my bf I’m going to count that as updating the travel diary. The e-mails I’m going to print them out when I’m back and I will make something beautifull of it. 3. Dress up. 4. Go swimming. 5. Eat more healthy.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (3 april 2012 om 14:54)  

It sounds like you are doing so well!

Go for April! :)

GABY  – (4 april 2012 om 06:32)  

It sounds like you are having a great time :P

Blueicegal ♥  – (6 april 2012 om 12:09)  

it's understandable. It must be tough without your mates and family. It does look like you're keeping yourself busy, though)

And I want to watch titanic in 3d too.

Although none of my mates are fans (i know, SHOCKING!) so doesn't look like it's going to happen :/

have fun Nina! The dressing up and swimming sure sounds lovely :)

Nina  – (9 april 2012 om 11:17)  

@Melissa: Yay for April. ;)

@Gaby: The best, with ups and downs of course. lol. ;) But so far everything has been really great.

@Blueicegal: Me too! I want to watch that movie so bad. That's pretty shocking! WTH! lol. ;) Too bad we couldn't go together. ;)

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