Bye, bye April!


Yay, I read Harry Potter. & yes you were all right, I loved it. J’adore Harry Potter. Yes, I do. I also finished reading True Whit by Whitney Port (Finally!) and Sea Change by Aimee Friedman. This week we are going again to the bookstore & I’m thinking about getting the first book in the kings of thrones series. (if that’s the right name for it.)


Every year, on the 30st of  April, we celebrate the birthday of former queen Juliana. Now I’m in Curacao, a former colony of the Netherlands, & I’ve celebrated it here.
Almost every shop in town had a discount & people were buying stuff like mad people. It was busy & you couldn’t walk properly, but still I had an amazing time. We saw a lot of things, ate a lot of things (like a red velvet cupcake) and took a lot of pictures. People were dancing on the street and just enjoying themselves on this warm Monday afternoon.

In April we also went to see the Easter Parade, the Hato caves, the Fort Church Museum, my grandmother, the Ostrich farm & the Aloe Vera Plantation. 


Diving. I did it! I dove! I had no intention to go diving, but my friend wanted to go and she asked if I wanted to go with her. I’m not a big fan of going under water. Water comes into my eyes, my nose, my ears & really that isn’t a lot of fun. And every time I go under water I always, ALWAYS, close my eyes. I thought about it & I challenged myself to do it. It could be fun, right? I mean everyone says that it feels like you are free underwater. On Friday morning we went for the introduction course. The instructor was very nice and he explained everything that we needed to know very clearly. When I saw the equipment my heart started to go up, up, up! I really wanted to try it, but I was scared. When we had everything on we walked to the beach. When we were in the water, you had to put the thing where you breath through under water in your mouth. So I did and went under water. I did it, I went under water, to the bottom of the ocean. And then it happened. Under water, at the bottom of the ocean I started to panic. I wanted to breath trough my nose, but of course I couldn’t. So I made the sign to go up & we went up! When I was going up I panicked a little more & I got the breathing thing out of my mouth. As a result of that stupid action I swallowed a lot of water. We tried a couple of more times, but I just didn’t wanted to do it anymore and I decided I wanted to go out of the water. When I was out of the water, I started to feel very dizzy. I had to sit down and catch my breath. After a while I threw up. I swallowed a lot of water and therefore I didn’t feel well. I’m okay now! Everything is fine. But I did it, okay, once, but who’s counting. I’m not going to do it ever again, but I’ve tried it and now I know that it’s not my thing. I’m wondering if surfing is more fun than diving. Anyone tried to surf? Let me know. Oh yeah & I also killed my first cockroach! Woohoo!

1. Finish the paper I’m working on & make the deadline. Done that!
2. Every Friday write an e-mail to my best friend & this will count as a ‘travel diary’. Every Friday!
3. Dress up. Done this one too!
4. Go swimming. Yes! Loved it.
5. Eat more healthy. Yes & no, but yesterday we went to the floating market and bought some fruit! & then we went to the supermarket and bought some chocolate…

My goals for May are:  1. Go to the last museum on my list! *Woohoo!*. 2. Go       swimming again. 3. Visit my grandmother again. 4. Take more pictures. 5. Say I love you more to my parents. 

Juju at Tales of  – (3 mei 2012 om 10:32)  

What fun!
I love your pictures.
Floating market? Awesome.

Nina  – (3 mei 2012 om 10:49)  

@Juju: Yay! :) Yeah, the floating market is really cool. There's a documentary about it, if you are interesting, :)

Daphne  – (3 mei 2012 om 11:05)  

I tried diving once and had the exact same reaction you did - only I was just in a swimming pool!! i just couldn't make myself breathe underwater - there's something just not natural about it, isn't there? My husband loves diving though.

Nina  – (3 mei 2012 om 11:16)  

@Daphne: Exactly! I just couldn't do it. I found out that I'm not the under water type. lol. ;) My friend loved it too. She's now going to do the other course for it (something with paddi.)

(: Isa :)  – (3 mei 2012 om 14:54)  

I'm so glad you love Harry Potter too :) Or else I would have questioned your sanity xD Kidding...kinda. I don't really know how to swim, so no diving or surfing or anything in water for me because I have a huge fear of drowning. But I totally understand the feeling of getting to do something that scares you! Good job! Ew cockroaches. Those things are monsters! Sounds like you've had a wonderfully productive time! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (3 mei 2012 om 15:33)  

Oh I'd love to go diving... without swallowing water! I'm glad you are okay!

Btw, chocolate is healthy so I think you are good. ;)

GABY  – (4 mei 2012 om 04:29)  

Diving! I remember I was so scared the first time I did it :/

I loved the market :D The fruit seems so fresh and delicious!

Teddyree  – (7 mei 2012 om 21:51)  

Love the photos, floating markets, the bookstore, it's awesome! Good on you for trying diving and knowing that it's not for you. I've only done an introductory dive in a pool but I'd give it another go, I think.

Were you talking about Game of Thrones? I've got the books but haven't read them but I love the tv series.

Go for it on your May goals :)

Nina  – (8 mei 2012 om 07:53)  

@Gaby: The market is so fun! Love it.

@Teddyree: Thank you. Yeah, that one. :) I haven't watched the tv series, but my bf loved the first book & I'm thinking about reading it too.

YA Book Queen  – (12 mei 2012 om 13:39)  

Ooh, such a colorful city!

Sorry the diving didn't work out well...but at least you tried it!

Thanks for sharing :)

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