A Million Suns by Beth Revis

A Million Suns by Beth Revis
Release date: January, 2012
Pages: 386
Source: Bought

My Feelings:

Godspeed was once fueled by lies. Now it is ruled by chaos. It’s been three months. In that time, Amy has learned to hide who she is. Elder is trying to be the leader he’s always wanted to be. But as the ship gets more and more out of control, only one thing is certain: They have to get off the ship.

My Review:
After reading and loving Across the Universe I could not wait to read the sequel of it. And then I found out I had to wait until January 2012, I was like, really? Damn. I just could not wait.

The main characters are Amy and Elder and I like both of them a lot. There is a lot of character development. From the first book to the sequel you can tell they have changed a lot in their thinking about the ship and the people on it.  I also like the side characters.

The writing is very well done and the dialogue is great. I really liked the plot. There was suspense, action, sweet romance and also fun scenes. I read this book in one sitting, that’s how much I liked it and was glued to the pages. The first book had me glued to the pages too, Beth Revis thank you!

I seriously cannot wait to read the third and final book. The story ended with such a great cliff-hanger, I was just dying on the edge of my seat, screaming NOOOOOOOOO when I read the last sentences.

A Million Suns by Beth Revis is a must read. I love this series.

The Across the Universe series:
Across the Universe
A Million Suns
Shades of Earth, will be released on January 2013

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (14 juli 2012 om 11:55)  

NOOoooOOOO! A cliffie? Evil! I still want to read it, but perhaps may wait a bit so I can have the last book. Then reread the first... oh now I'm excited!

YA Book Queen  – (15 juli 2012 om 09:54)  

This is definitely one of those books that is difficult to set aside. I am so excited for Shades of Earth, especially after how it all ended in AMS!

Great review :)

Nina  – (17 juli 2012 om 02:58)  

@Melissa: Def do that. This cliffie is very evil, very! I can't stop thinking about it...it's torturing me...

@Ya Book Queen: Me too! I can't wait. Probably will reread book one and two in december..and then the last one in january. Will be sad when it's all over.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages)  – (17 juli 2012 om 18:01)  

Oh this is the second book! I remember you loving the first. Great to hear you are still loving it, and sorry to hear about the NoooOOOooo at the end. lol.

I do love that cover!

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