SR: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein
Release date: February, 2012
Pages: 452
Source: Egmont UK

My Feelings:

I have two weeks. You’ll shoot me at the end no matter what I do.That’s what you do to enemy agents. It’s what we do to enemy agents. But I look at all the dark and twisted roads ahead and cooperation is the easy way out. Possibly the only way out for a girl caught red-handed doing dirty work like mine — and I will do anything, anything, to avoid SS-Hauptsturmf├╝hrer von Linden interrogating me again.He has said that I can have as much paper as I need. All I have to do is cough up everything I can remember about the British War Effort. And I’m going to. But the story of how I came to be here starts with my friend Maddie. She is the pilot who flew me into France — an Allied Invasion of Two.We are a sensational team

My Review:
Code Name Verity was one of those books that I had to read before  2013 starts. Everyone who have read it seems to loved it and was highly recommending it. So, I read it & loved it. Code Name Verity is good. The characters are strong, the bond the girls have together is unbelievable real and deep. I was emotionally connected to the characters and they all stood out for me. While reading it I knew that the author did a great job with her research about the Second World War & that’s why it felt so real and I could picture it in front of me. I highly recommend Code Name Verity!

*SR stands for Short Review. 

Joanna  – (28 juli 2012 om 13:23)  

I have heard so many good things about this book!

Myrna Foster  – (28 juli 2012 om 15:11)  

It sounds fantastic. Thanks for your review!

Nina  – (29 juli 2012 om 04:09)  

@Joanna: Me too & it totally delivered!

@Myrna Foster: You are welcome! :)

Kelsey  – (29 juli 2012 om 06:30)  

This sounds amazing! I have heard so many positive things about this book that I'll have to pick it up soon.

Bookworm1858  – (29 juli 2012 om 06:56)  

This has been my very favorite read of the year so far-so worthy of all of its hype and praise! I'm not surprised to see that you enjoyed it too.

Nina  – (29 juli 2012 om 07:15)  

@Kelsey: It was really amazing. Def. check it out! It's great.

Darlyn Azlinda  – (29 juli 2012 om 08:44)  
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Darlyn  – (29 juli 2012 om 08:45)  

Hi Nina!

I know it's been way too long since I am online but glad to be back and slowly start producing posts.

p/s: Just realize you also chance the layout. But I'm loving it ;p

29 juli 2

Lizzy  – (29 juli 2012 om 12:05)  

I've been hearing quite a bit about this one lately. I'm glad to see that you liked it. I've heard it's a sad read, but with strong characters I'll definitely grab a copy.

Nina  – (29 juli 2012 om 12:16)  

@Darlyn: I'm glad you're back!& looking forward to your posts! :)

Ps: Thank you!!

YA Book Queen  – (30 juli 2012 om 16:29)  

Lovely short review! Glad that you were able to connect emotionally with the characters....I only made it a few pages with this one before setting it aside, but I'm planning on trying to read it again because everyone seems to be enjoying it :)

Nina  – (1 augustus 2012 om 10:45)  

@Ya Book Queen: :) Hopefully you will love it after reading it. You should def. read further, it's amazing! :)

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