Top Ten Books For People Who Like You Are So Undead To Me by Stacey Jay

The Broke and the Bookish created this weekly feature where bloggers/readers can post their top ten list.

You Are So Undead To Me is a zombie book. A fun, light hearted zombie book. I love zombie books, adore them. I can read them all the time and literally everywhere. The following books all have zombies in them and aren’t THAT creepy.
Just fun books to read.

  1. Zombie Blondes by Brian James
    Zombie Blondes is a great, short book with zombies in it. I bought the book because of the awesome cover and of course that there where zombies involved. The story is great, but be aware of the ending.
    It wasn’t the best. Still a light, cool read.

  2. Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris
    I adore Bad Taste in Boys. It’s hilarious and action-filled. The characters are great too. Nerds that aren’t afraid and can fight are the best!

  3. Undead Much?
    Well, if you like You Are So Undead To Me you should def. check the sequal Undead Much? out!

  4. I Kissed a Zombie and I liked it by Adam Selzer
    If you don’t mind that the girl falls in love with the (disgusting, sorry) zombie, you should get your hands on this one. I thought it was a bit too yakkee for me, but still it was enjoyble for a couple of hours. Short = Yay! Well, if you don’t have a lot of time.

  5. Generation Dead by Daniel Waters
    I like the message in this book, that zombies are people too. lol. These zombies are cool!

  6. Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry
    Not scary and creepy like the cover! The cover is scary. I thought this would be a very scary read, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t a light read and not that great in my opinion, but it still has zombies in it & it was enjoyable. 

    7, 8, 9 and 10 are empty. When I read more light hearted Zombie books I will add them to this list.

Lisa  – (17 juli 2012 om 10:17)  

I have heard good things about a lot of these books. I think I would like more light hearted Zombie books, since the ones that are mainly zombies are not really for me.

Nina  – (17 juli 2012 om 10:32)  

@Lisa: I then def. recommend these books to you. You will like them. They are not creepy! :)

titania86  – (17 juli 2012 om 11:05)  

I would recommend Never Slow Dance with a Zombie by E. Van Lowe, Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby, and the Zen of Zombie by Scott Kenemore if you are interested in light hearted zombie books.

Nina  – (17 juli 2012 om 11:14)  

@titania86: Woohoo! More books to add to the list. Thank you.

bermudaonion  – (17 juli 2012 om 11:18)  

I'm really not a zombie fan but I loved Feed by Mira Grant and it has zombies in it. Have you read it?

Nina  – (17 juli 2012 om 11:19)  

@bermudaonion: No, I haven't read that one. I have seen it before on some blogs. I'm going to look it up! Thank you.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (17 juli 2012 om 11:47)  

Oh I think you have a list here of all the zombie books I've been wanting to read. Thanks for the reminder and adding Zombie Blondes to the list.

Blodeuedd  – (17 juli 2012 om 12:49)  

I have read one lighthearted zombiebook but that one was an adult one..Mark Henry was the author

Natalie (Mindful Musings)  – (17 juli 2012 om 13:09)  

I haven't read a SINGLE one of these, Nina!! Can you believe that? ESPECIALLY since I love zombies! Lol. I'm starring this post for future reference though! Thanks for the recommendations!

I Want To Read That  – (17 juli 2012 om 13:35)  

Ooh! I have all the ones you've listed but haven't read them yet lol(except for Undead Much).

I'd also recommend This is Not a Test by Courtney Summer - darker maybe but still Zombies

And maybe Dearly Departed - I haven't read it yet but people keep telling me I should lol

Mimi Valentine  – (17 juli 2012 om 13:55)  

This is such a fun list, Nina! LOL when I think of zombie books, I hardly ever thought I'd associate them with fun -- but you managed to come up with such a fun list! Sometimes I just want to get caught up in a fun, light, and hilarious read in between all my serious dark ones. These sound like just what I need! ;)

Really awesome list, Nina! Dearly, Departed is a pretty fun book for when you're looking for CUTE zombies like Bram! :D <3

Charlotte (The Book on the Hill)  – (17 juli 2012 om 13:57)  

I really liked ROT AND RUIN. It's an unusual zombie book. I like unusual. :)

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm)  – (17 juli 2012 om 16:16)  

I loved Generation Dead. It was light and really addicting. Looking for more Zombie book to reads! lol

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog  – (17 juli 2012 om 17:24)  

the cover of zombie blondes is definitely awesome. i also think 'i kissed a zombie' sounds good!

A Canadian Girl  – (17 juli 2012 om 21:31)  

I'm not a big fan of zombie books but I really enjoyed Stacey Jay's series. Bad Taste in Boys was pretty good too :)

Nina  – (18 juli 2012 om 01:10)  

@Melissa: You are very welcome. :)

@Blodeuedd: I have to look that one up. I love light zombie books. Thank you.

@Natalie: :) I probably have the same thing with 2012 books. Haven't read lots of those this year.

@I Want To Read That: Thank you! Adding those two to the list.

@Mimi Valentine: Dearly, Departed is added. I don't think I heard about it, going to look it up.

@Charlotte: Very unusual! HAHA.

@Faye: I liked Generation Dead too. I still have to read the second book in the series. Have read the third one. I know! :)

@Carrie: Def. try those two out. They are nice books.

@A Canadian Girl: Bad Taste in Boys was greaat, wasn't it? Fabulous cover and the story was filled with awesomeness! :)

Kelsey  – (18 juli 2012 om 09:07)  

Great picks! I loved You Are So Undead to Me and Undead Much? but I haven't found any other zombie books that I enjoyed as much. I'll have to check some of these out!

Eden Uyehara  – (27 juli 2012 om 10:51)  

I haven't read this but now I will need to!! lol... I'm so happy I found your blog. I'm always looking for new books to read. I just read: Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Have you read this? I would love to know what you have to say!!

Hope your having a beautiful day!!!

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