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What would you do over if you were to start your blog again from scratch?

I don’t have any regrets about anything that I ever posted or how my blog used to look like. I used to have a header with owls, loved it. Owls are cute & smart! So.. It’s called a learning experience & I like those! Maybe connect more to other bloggers and write better and nicer reviews. J

Happy Friday! 

Anoniem –   – (10 augustus 2012 om 06:03)  

Connecting with other bloggers is something I need to work on. So far, no regrets! New Follower.

Lisa  – (10 augustus 2012 om 08:24)  

I think I have learned so much through blogging, mostly about myself. You are right it's a learning experience and a great one at that.

Lynsey Taylor  – (10 augustus 2012 om 08:32)  

Great answer!

I'm a new follower. Thanks for following me too.


Amy EC  – (10 augustus 2012 om 10:24)  

Great answer! It's awesome not to have any regrets!

I love your header, did you make it youself? It's wonderful!


Lee @ Rally The Readers  – (10 augustus 2012 om 11:10)  

Blogging has been a great learning experience for me. And it's been so much fun connecting with other bloggers who love books as much as I do.

Thanks for stopping by!

Charlene Cruz  – (10 augustus 2012 om 11:13)  

Great answer! I need to work on both of those as well! Thanks for stopping by my FF post! I'm following back!

Lexxie  – (10 augustus 2012 om 11:42)  

Thanks for stopping by my FF post #7 to follow and leave a comment!

Lexxie  – (10 augustus 2012 om 11:42)  

PS - I am following back :)

Amanda TheBookSlayer  – (10 augustus 2012 om 11:45)  

I agree. I think that it is always a learning experience with blogging. I know I started out on blogger with my sister but when she stopped helping I decided to branch out on my own. But changes are a part of having a blog. Things will change with the shifting of the media etc.

Happy Friday!
New Follower via GFC!
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Melissa (Books and Things)  – (10 augustus 2012 om 12:03)  

I loved the owls and I love the new design. I also enjoy your reviews. So don't change a thing! :D

Jessica@a GREAT read  – (10 augustus 2012 om 12:04)  

Yeah, I like my blog the way it is! I worked hard to get it to this point!

Here's my Friday Hops

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

Emily  – (10 augustus 2012 om 18:20)  

Hi! Your answer was great!(: I'm a new blogger! Mind checking out my blog?(: And maybe possibly follow?(x

New follower!

thefictionconniption  – (10 augustus 2012 om 19:29)  

I really like the layout you have now, though I never saw the owl ones :) But either way, your blog looks great!

New follower from the blog hop!

Kate  – (11 augustus 2012 om 05:29)  

I don't have any regrets either : ) New follower via GFC, here is my FF

sinn  – (11 augustus 2012 om 09:08)  

Awesome answer! Owls are cute * smart, but your new header is also pretty darn cute ^_~

Thanks for stopping by! Returning the follow via GFC!

sinn @ sinnful books

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