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Genre and Age Group: Women’s Contemporary/Dark Romance
Author: Courtney Cole
Release date: September 2012

Love is dangerous…

“I’m a monster, Eva. There is no saving a monster. But I love that you want to try.”
My heart constricts at the expression on his face. He has no hope for himself, so I have to hope for him.
“You’re not a monster,” I argue softly. “You’re a man, Luca. A man like any other, you’re made of blood and bone.”

As a little boy, Luca Minaldi was told he was a monster.
As an adult, he knows it is true.

He lives in Malta, a fairytale-like place filled with sunshine and sea, beauty and secrets. And Luca’s darkest of secrets is the best kept of them all.

Eva Talbot is spending the summer in Malta to finish up her doctoral dissertation. When she meets Luca, a mysterious and handsome shipping tycoon, there is an instant attraction, a disturbing and beautiful energy that she has never felt before. But she senses the darkness that lives within him.

Eva is hired to care for his mother, who suffers from dementia, but it is Luca who Eva will eventually risk everything to save. Her life becomes a swirling chaos of darkness and romance, of secrets and mystery. And the question that emerges will become the most important answer of all.

Can she save Luca from the darkness that plagues him without losing herself?

The answer is a matter of life or death.


I like the sound of that! The author is giving away 3 swag packs that includes a $10 Amazon gift card, a t-shirt, as well as misc. Courtney Cole swag. This giveaway is open to US/Canada.

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Blodeuedd  – (29 september 2012 om 04:48)  

This one is new to me, cool :)

Nina  – (29 september 2012 om 06:09)  

@Carrie at In the Hammock Blog: I agree and the cover too!

Stories After Twelve  – (29 september 2012 om 08:34)  

I love the cover of this book! And the story sounds so interesting. Thank you for the giveaway! You just gained a new follower. : )

Maria  – (29 september 2012 om 22:29)  

Thanks so much for the giveaway! I've seen a lot of Cole's books on other blogs!

livlovelaugh  – (30 september 2012 om 01:47)  

sounds like an interesting read. Thanx for visiting my blog and the lovely comment~ You SHOULD travel~ It's the best~


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