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"The Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee's View and Alison of Alison Can Read."

And today I'm the feature at Parajunkee! How cool is that! Check out my interview at her blog! & thank you to Rachel and Alison for letting me be their feature! 

What is the BIGGEST word you've seen used in a book lately - that made you stop and look it up? Might as well leave the definition & book too.

I actually haven't looked up a word in a long while now! But, lets pretend I just read Emma by Jane Austen. A couple of the words that I had to look up were: boast (show-off), caprice (a sudden desire) & alacrity (liveliness and eagerness).

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Carmen Jenner  – (28 september 2012 om 00:18)  

Hooray! Congrats on the Feature!! This week was a tough one! I honestly couldn't remember a single time that I'd stopped to look something up, I get to caught up in the reading!! =D
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Carmen Jenner Author
Happy Friday!!

Anoniem –   – (28 september 2012 om 01:56)  

Congrats on the freature! I haven't been looking up any words in a long time. Have a great weekend and I'm a new follower

Keely Anne  – (28 september 2012 om 02:42)  

caprice.. I like that word! Round of applause for the feature! *old follower*


Happy Reading :)

Alisa Selene  – (28 september 2012 om 03:05)  

I love Emma! Congrats on the feature!
New follower!

sch_94  – (28 september 2012 om 03:20)  

New follower! Follow me back over at my blog, http://www.beyond-the-bookshelf.com :)

Iona MacNeil  – (28 september 2012 om 03:35)  

New follower. I couldn't think of a word either. Iona. http://adventitiousreading.blogspot.ca

Jessica@a GREAT read  – (28 september 2012 om 04:01)  

Classics usually do require a dictionary handy! I haven't had to look up words either lately!

Here's my Follow Friday

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

Moonlit Librarian  – (28 september 2012 om 04:10)  

Congrats on the feature! I've seen other people mention Emma as being the source for their words today, too. Classics are great for teaching vocabulary. :)
Old follower.

Adina  – (28 september 2012 om 04:14)  

Classics - I always have my dictionary phone app handy. Congrats on the feature. New follewer via RSS

Lexxie Lin  – (28 september 2012 om 04:38)  

Congrats on being featured! I am the other featured blog today :)
Yeah, the books that haven't been written in the past 50 years often have more big words, don't they?
I am a new RSS follower. Have a fantastic Friday.
Here's my FF post for this week.

Jen Witch  – (28 september 2012 om 04:44)  

Hooray congrats on being the Feature!!!

Old British language can sometimes be hard.

Old Follower

Cori  – (28 september 2012 om 04:50)  

Congrats on the feature! :)

Shan  – (28 september 2012 om 05:29)  

I'm always looking up words when I read classics!

Congrats on the feature, I'm a new follower! And it's nice to have found another Dutch blog to follow - I live in Canada but my family is from the Netherlands, I'm the first generation to be born here.

Anoniem –   – (28 september 2012 om 05:56)  

Awesome! Love Jane Austen!

Julie Lynn Hayes  – (28 september 2012 om 06:21)  

It's nice to know people still read the classics. I love Jane Austen myself. My favorite of her books is Sense and Sensibility.

New follower hopping through. Check out my blog at Full Moon Dreaming. Have a great weekend!

Christina  – (28 september 2012 om 06:53)  

Congrats on the feature! I'm so jealous!

Old follower.

Christina @ Ensconced in YA

Anoniem –   – (28 september 2012 om 07:00)  

Congrats on the feature happy for you am a new follower

Michelle @ MomWithAKindle  – (28 september 2012 om 07:08)  

Funny! Just Blog Hopping! Old Follower! Stop by my F&F if you can! Thanks! My Friday Blog Hop
Michelle @ Mom With A Kindle

Jennifer  – (28 september 2012 om 08:16)  

When I first read Jane Austen, there were quite a few words I had to look up including alacrity. This has become one of my favorite words now! Congrats on the feature! New Goodreads and GFC follower.

Lisa (Lost in Literature)  – (28 september 2012 om 08:56)  

Hehe your blog header is adorable. :)

Congrats on being a feature this week!

I've never heard caprice either. New word to me!

New follower :)

Lisa @ Lost in Literature

Nickie  – (28 september 2012 om 09:14)  

I had forgotten what 'alacrity' meant. It's kind of fun reading older stories just to see how much common vocabulary has changed -- imagine seeing that in a book today!

New follower here via GFC. My blog is nickieanderson.blogspot.com

Alison Can Read  – (28 september 2012 om 09:17)  

Hopping through. Congrats on being the feature! I don't think I knew what caprice meant :-)
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....Petty Witter  – (28 september 2012 om 09:22)  

Its been a while since I've had to look any words up either. My husband thinks its hilarious that even if I'm sitting at the computer I won't use an online dictionary to look up a meaning but will get up and go search for it in our tree-book dictionary.

MA Church  – (28 september 2012 om 09:24)  

Congrats on the feature! LOL, this was a good question. Just a few days ago I had to look something up. New Follower too. :)
MA Church

Tribute Books Mama  – (28 september 2012 om 09:35)  

Congrats! on being featured.


Michelles Paranormal Vault Of Books  – (28 september 2012 om 12:19)  

I stopped by late last night, left message on another post, as yours was not up yet.
Just in case you didn't see it, congrats on the feature.
and those words are ones i use lots, I never read that book though, don't like the classics much, as I only read paranormal types, :)
I already follow you too
Here is mine
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Michelles Paranormal Vault Of Books  – (28 september 2012 om 12:20)  

Me again, I am a NEW follower, think I didn;t come last night, I was sure i visited both features last night, lol, well anyway , new follower.
Michelle L Lynn is the follow name

Kate  – (28 september 2012 om 12:37)  

Congrats on being featured!

Old follower. :D
Happy weekend! <3

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (28 september 2012 om 13:23)  

Congrats feature girl!!

I haven't looked up a word yet. I usually can discern it from the context. But you probably could rock the vocabulary SO much better than I!! :)

Daphne  – (28 september 2012 om 13:35)  

Congratzz on being a feature! Following you! :D And same here, I'm always too lazy to look up words. xD

Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

The Book List  – (28 september 2012 om 15:06)  
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The Book List  – (28 september 2012 om 15:08)  

Congrats on the feature! :) New follower! Follow me at The Book List!

BLHmistress  – (28 september 2012 om 17:26)  

Congrats on being featured! Caprice though I have heard of it I just don't hear it that often.


Anoniem –   – (28 september 2012 om 17:57)  

Congrats on being featured! Great answer. I'm a new follower.

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Kaitlyn Devin and Grace  – (28 september 2012 om 20:24)  

Congratulations on being the feature this week! I'm your newest follower, please feel free to check out my blog :)

-Kate the Book Buff
Recent Post: Follow Friday: What’s Your Vocab Kryptonite?
Follow Friday: What’s Your Vocab Kryptonite?

Charlene C  – (28 september 2012 om 23:52)  

I love caprice! Congrats on the feature, really enjoyed reading the interview! Just stopping by, I'm an old follower! :)

Kathryne (Paperback Fantasies)  – (29 september 2012 om 02:15)  

I love the word 'alacrity'! Can't go wrong with Austen.

I'm a new follower. Here's My FF. Stop by?

Jenny  – (29 september 2012 om 20:06)  

Congratulations on your feature! Love your word picks! :)

-Bookworm Mia

Michelle Sedeño  – (30 september 2012 om 00:37)  

Congrats on being featured!
Old follower.
Here's my FF.
Have a great day!

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