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You just got a new apartment and the first night you sleep there you keep hearing scary, creepy noises. Your neighbour tells you that the apartment complex where you live in used to be a mental institution where lots of people died. You still keep hearing scary noises from the apartment downstairs. Which two book characters are you going to take with you to find out what’s going on downstairs?

First of all, way to go for making me scared! Seriously! And second I wouldn’t go downstairs to find anything out. I would pack my stuff and stay at my moms house until I sold the apartment and rented a new one.

But, that’s not a fun answer. I would take Christophe from Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow & Nikki from Reign or Shine by Michelle Rowen. Christophe can fight! He would protect me no matter what and is easy on the eye. Yep! Nikki is fun company and I’m sure the daughter of a demon can protect me from evil creatures. She probably knows them and we don’t even need Christophe.

Who would you take downstairs? Or would you not even go and move out ASAP? I would.  

Nina  – (20 oktober 2012 om 04:39)  

@Blodeuedd: lol. Me too. ;)

Cindy Mai  – (21 oktober 2012 om 07:37)  

Yep. I agree with you guys. I would move out too. Too scary. Lol

The Readdicts  – (21 oktober 2012 om 09:00)  

The idea of moving out is so tempting! But if book characters are involved, I'd rather stay in and call the Harry Potter trio for help! :)


Danna (Bananas For Books)  – (21 oktober 2012 om 12:20)  

I'd prob take a couple weak book characters with me to use as bait, haha!

Nina  – (22 oktober 2012 om 02:19)  

@The Readdicts: Yeah, they would be awesome! Great choice! ;)

@Danna: Lol! OMG!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (22 oktober 2012 om 12:19)  

LOL I'd probably just assume it was the neighbors before I would think anything supernatural. However, I'd probably take Cat from the Night Huntress series (in case of vamps) and I'd also take someone who could deal with ghosts. Hm... can't think of anyone at the moment...

Sharrice Hewlett  – (22 oktober 2012 om 14:26)  

Heck no I wouldn't go downstairs. Screw that. I've seen scary movies I know what happens next. No thank you. I get the bleep out of there and sell that apartment. What can I say I have a sense of self preservation.

Nina  – (23 oktober 2012 om 02:15)  

@Melissa: I've heard of the series, sounds like a kick-ass character. So good choice! :)

@Sharrice: Lol.

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