Top Ten Tuesday REWIND

The Broke and the Bookish created this weekly feature where bloggers/readers can post their top ten list. And this week I could use from the top tens I missed and I chose:

Top Ten Books I'd Give A Theme Song To

1.    Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein
: Beyonc√© – I Was Here. 
“I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I’ve done
Everything that I wanted and it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know”

2.    Across the Universe by Beth Revis
B.O.B. ft Taylor Swift - Both of Us.
“I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both us

Someday I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us”

3.    Cum Laude by Cecily von Ziegesar
Song: FUN - We Are Young.

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun”

4.    The Disenchantments by Nina LeCour
Song: Aluna George -Your Drums, Your Love.
“I’ve been treading water for your love, 
Whether I sink or swim, it’s you I’m thinking of
I’ve been treading water for your love

As my light grows dim maybe you’re not strong enough”

5.    Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow
Song: Fun - Some Nights.
“But I still wake up, I still see your ghost
Oh Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for oh
What do I stand for? What do I stand for?
Most nights, I don't know anymore...”

6.    Where I Belong by Gwendolyn Heasley
Song: Katy Perry – Wide Awake
“Falling from cloud 9
Crashing from the high
I'm letting go tonight
(Yeah I'm) Falling from cloud 9”

7.    Tempestuous by Lesley Livingston
The Killers – Runaways.
“Let's take a chance baby we can't lose
Mean we're all just runaways
I knew that when I met you,
I'm not gonna let you runaway
I knew that when I held you, I wasn't lettin' go”

8.    Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood
 Estelle ft Janelle Monae – Do My Thing.
“My road, it ain't your road,
but just don't know just where I'm going 
My flow it ain't your flow, just I know,
just how I'm flowing 
I do my thing I do my thing 
Please feel free to hate everything 
Said ima do my thing 
I do my thing I do my thing 
Say what you want cause this one
 ain't gonna change 
I do my thing I do my thing

9 and 10 are empty! 

Anoniem –   – (9 oktober 2012 om 07:22)  

Really like your choice for code name verity, great book and very appropriate lyrics in your song choice

Nina  – (9 oktober 2012 om 08:18)  

@emilysbooksforbreakfast: Thank you! I love that song and when I heard it I thought of the book. :)

@Petty Witter: Yay! :)

Carmen B.  – (9 oktober 2012 om 09:58)  

I haven't read any of those but coming up with theme songs is a great idea for a list! I really want to read The Disenchantments :)
Thanks for stopping by my post earlier!

Ivana  – (9 oktober 2012 om 10:22)  

Yay, love your pick for Across the Universe! It's my favorite YA series, and the song is on repeat most of the days lately :)

Lauren  – (9 oktober 2012 om 10:44)  

Oh goodness, what a great idea for a list. I'm not sure I could do this one. The only one of these books that I've read is Code Name Verity, which I LOVED. And that song is fantastic!

Nina  – (9 oktober 2012 om 10:46)  

@Carmen B.: I thought the book was okay, I gave it three hearts. I do adore, adore the cover! ;)

@Ivana: It's one of my favourites too. I have so many favourite series I can't choose. lol. But, it's high on the list! Love that song too!

Anoniem –   – (9 oktober 2012 om 10:47)  

I like this idea, don't think I could think of 10 myself though

Hollie  – (9 oktober 2012 om 11:20)  

I've only read Across the Universe (so far) from your list, but Both of Us is a great choice for that book!

Thanks for stopping by!

PinkPolkaDotMichelle  – (9 oktober 2012 om 12:15)  

Cool list! This was one of the first TTT's I ever did and it was HARD!! But it was a lot of fun too! I like your songs, good picks! Thanks for stopping by My TTT

Erin L. Funk  – (9 oktober 2012 om 12:38)  

Very creative post! Out of the books you chose I've only read Across the Universe, but might have to check out some of the others :)

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews)  – (9 oktober 2012 om 13:18)  

Your song choice for Cum Laude is just perfect! :)

Joie  – (9 oktober 2012 om 14:17)  

Wow, great topic choice! I'm so bad with matching songs with books, but I love your We Are Young pick. I think that would be pretty cool for Gossip Girl too :)
Thanks for stopping by my TTT

Anoniem –   – (9 oktober 2012 om 14:18)  

I love this list theme! The song "We are Young" is great... I'll need to check out the accompanying book! (:

Juju at Tales of  – (9 oktober 2012 om 14:29)  

I love the way you think. What a great list. I love it.

Steph (Poetry to Prose)  – (9 oktober 2012 om 14:30)  

What a great topic you chose, I could never do it, haha. I'll have to check out a few of these songs. Thanks for stopping by!

Cecelia  – (9 oktober 2012 om 14:49)  

What a fun topic! I don't remember song lyrics well enough to choose them for books, but I agree with your choices - they fit!

Erin  – (9 oktober 2012 om 14:52)  

Great picks! Love all the songs and I think they would be great choices for the books listed!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (9 oktober 2012 om 15:09)  

Wow! Very creative! I love your choices and the excerpts of the songs are perfect!

Racquel (A Book Barbie)  – (9 oktober 2012 om 15:47)  

You picked the perfect song for Across the Universe!!!! So fitting!

readingdate  – (9 oktober 2012 om 16:09)  

Awesome topic choice! I love books and music, book playlists, etc. Nice job with the song choices!

elena  – (9 oktober 2012 om 17:36)  

AW this is so fun! I almost did this topic but didn't. Love Queen B. :)

The Housework Can Wait  – (9 oktober 2012 om 19:03)  

I'm so terrible, I either know the book and not the song, or the song and not the book. I need to brush up on my current musical hits! Love the idea though :-)

Just a Lil Lost  – (9 oktober 2012 om 19:05)  

Oh wow, great topic!! It seems like it'd be hard to pick one! I'm horrible at coming up with songs for things... Awesome list! :)

Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

Michele | Top 10

Lianne  – (10 oktober 2012 om 08:33)  

Great choice for this week! I thought about doing this meme but I didn't even know where to begin...hehe, one of these days perhaps ;)

Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday =)

- Li @

Shelver506  – (10 oktober 2012 om 17:34)  

Code Name Verity! *bawls* Yes, that is my reaction every time it's mentioned.


YA Book Queen  – (12 oktober 2012 om 07:57)  

I love your choices! Especially #1, I never would've thought of that but it fits.

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