Nette by Barbara Rayne

Nette by Barbara Rayne
Release date:
March, 2012
Pages: 162
Source: Received for Review from the author

My Feelings:

In a world where gender was distinguished by the eye color, blue for female and brown for male, she had the misfortune of being born as brown eyed girl. Being ugly and a freak to everyone was the least of her troubles. Immortal and destined to be a queen, her mere existence was a threat to the king. After everyone she loved was brutally murdered, she had no choice but to pursue the path she was destined. In a world that made it obvious there was no place in it for her, immortal Nette will have to make room even if it means killing them all.

My Review:
Even though Nette was such a short read, I absolutely loved it.

The characters, wow! Nette is such a great character. She’s kind, different (or you can also say unique) and can kick-ass like no other! The love interest, Raul,  was great too. He was super sweet, said all the right things and he took responsibility. The secondary characters were awesome too.

The plot is amazing. It’s a short read, but the plot has such a big bang to it that I just adore it. The hate the people had for Nette was unbearable. I wanted Nette to be loved and not hated by the town. And even though Nette did a lot of great things for the town, the people couldn’t forget that she was different then them. When Nette turned into this kick-ass, fighting machine I applaud her. It was a bit gruesome to read, she was brutal to them, but they had it coming. The romance is super sweet and I loved every minute of it.

I got a e-copy of this book for review, but next month I’m going to get my own paperback copy. Nette is a must read!

Lisa  – (11 december 2012 om 09:36)  

It's great that the characters were so unique and likeable. This novel sounds really interesting. I can't imagine a world that distinguishes gender by eye color. I wonder what other features of the human form has been lost to judge just by eye color.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (11 december 2012 om 12:02)  

Sound very different. I like that. Also love the cover. Great review.

Melissa (My words and pages)  – (11 december 2012 om 17:19)  

So glad to hear you loved it enough to got the print copy too. :D Sounds wonderful. Thank you!

Charlene C  – (12 december 2012 om 11:08)  

The cover caught my eye too! Your review has piqued my interest though, it sounds really good!

Jenny N.  – (13 december 2012 om 10:05)  

Like the others I do love the cover. But since she becomes such a kick-ass female, I wished the cover would have shown more of that too.

Briana  – (19 december 2012 om 06:50)  

This sounds interesting! And the cover is obviously gorgeous. Sweet review :)

Nina  – (24 december 2012 om 04:48)  

@Juju: Me too! It's awesome.

@Lisa: It's really unique, you'll love it.

@Melissa: Isn't it beautiful?

@Melissa: It's perfect! I need a paperback copy! I just have to add this book to the shelves.

@Charlene: Yay! Happy dance!

@Jenny N: I agree, the cover isn't really kick-ass. But, it's pretty. :)

@Briana: Thank you!

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