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Last year I didn’t read as much as I wanted too. The first half of 2012 I was interning abroad and the second, last part of the year I was super busy with searching for a job and getting my *stuff* together. In December I was looking at the books that I want to read in 2013 and a lot were published in 2009, 2010 and 2011. So, I’ve decided to have my own personal challenge. The challenge is to read 40 books that were published in 2009, 2010 and 2011. The challenge will be from January till December 2013. I hope that I can read all the books that I want to read from those three years and go into 2014 with wanting books to read from 2012/13 and of course ’14. Fingers crossed! The books that I want to read are in this *Challenge(s) 2013* post. 

Kathrin  – (13 januari 2013 om 02:17)  

I wish you all the best for your personal challenge! I think sometimes, book bloggers (me too) concentrate so much on the next books coming out that the older gems don't get much attention. I'll keep an eye out for all your reviews this upcoming year.
Also, enjoy A Midsummer's Nightmare, I've always wanted to read it, but never got around to even get it.

Nina  – (15 januari 2013 om 08:19)  

@Kahtrin: I totally agree! I'm super excited to read those older books on my list. :)

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