Top Ten Bookish Goals For 2013

The Broke and the Bookish created this weekly feature where bloggers/readers can post their top ten list.

And we're in 2013! Hooray! I love new years. And I love making goals and resolutions for the new year. Fingers crossed that at the end of 2013 I will say: "Yay! I have done everything that I wanted to this year". That would be amazing. Anyway, here are my goals (resolutions):

1. Participate in weekly meme.
2. Complete the challenges I join. (Don't give up!)
3. Blog every week.
4. Read one YA book per week. (Read more)
5. Read the Harry Potter series.
6. Only buy books that I want to read & think I will adore.
7. The TBR pile must be under 11 books.
8. Read the Hunger Games trilogy.

I can do this! Right? 

Lisa  – (8 januari 2013 om 08:28)  

You can do it! Great goals...they all sound challenging, but also completely doable (well except the TBR pile for me). Good Luck!

Nina  – (8 januari 2013 om 08:30)  

@Lisa: Thank you! I just need to stop thinking *that challenge sounds so cool* and then I will be okay. lol. I can't join too many challenges. ;)

vikk simmons  – (8 januari 2013 om 09:33)  

Uh huh, buying one book in an entire year would be excrutiating...not sure I ever did that. Good luck.

Thanks for visiting.

Emma - Boekenzee  – (8 januari 2013 om 10:18)  

The challenges are.. challenging. For some reason a monthly update post is too hard or something XD

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (8 januari 2013 om 11:28)  

Of course you can do it!

I had to laugh at the 11 books in the tbr pile. Don't even know what that will feel like anymore. :D

Cecelia  – (8 januari 2013 om 11:31)  

Oh, I wish I could whittle my TBR pile down to 11! I am going to work on getting it down to 50 or so... something that I could conceivably do. Great list - thanks for sharing!

Blodeuedd  – (8 januari 2013 om 12:35)  

Under 11!
*coughs* My tbr will take a few years to read

Jessica (Peace Love Books)  – (8 januari 2013 om 12:42)  

Yay for Harry potter! Haha, that should be everyone's goal :) Great goals :)

Here's my Top Ten!

Diantha Jones  – (8 januari 2013 om 13:11)  

You definitely can! I should steal a few of these and add WRITE FASTER. haha

Juju at Tales of  – (8 januari 2013 om 13:35)  

Blog every week?
I LOVE that. Now that's doable.

YA Book Queen  – (8 januari 2013 om 14:20)  

Nina! You must do #5! That series only gets better with each book :)

Nice top ten! Best of luck with your goals :)

Marybeth  – (8 januari 2013 om 15:24)  

I agree with number 3! Something I need to work on as well!

Great list!

Thanks for stopping by!

Anoniem –   – (8 januari 2013 om 15:29)  

Yes! You can do it!

And The Hunger Games is just awesome!

nikki  – (8 januari 2013 om 16:09)  

Great list! READ HARRY POTTER!! It is so great.

Melissa (My words and pages)  – (8 januari 2013 om 17:17)  

Oh so good luck to you! I try so hard to get to stick to my goals. And these are ones I should add to the list as well. I've read the Hunger Games trilogy, but not the Harry Potter books (And I have them!). lol. Have a great new year dear!

Joli @ Actin' Up with Books  – (8 januari 2013 om 18:23)  

You have some very achievable goals! And #8 is one you must get to soon even if that is just reading the first book in the series!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck!

Anoniem –   – (8 januari 2013 om 18:35)  

I'm totally with you on #6 and #7. I think I'm going for capping my to-read pile at 15; I tried 20 last year and that sort of got out of hand for a good chunk of the year so yeah, I'll try for 15 (I think my to-read pile is currently sitting at 22...yikes!)

Best of luck with your goals this 2013, it'll be an awesome one =D

- Li @

Teddyree  – (9 januari 2013 om 17:15)  

LOL of course you can do it!! I'd do a happy dance if my TBR pile was 11 ... more like 111 hahaha

Anoniem –   – (9 januari 2013 om 18:34)  

I love #6! I'm always guilty of buying a book because I like the cover and then never reading it. O_O

Good luck to you!

InkkReviews  – (10 januari 2013 om 09:20)  

wow reading one book a week is a good goal. the problem sometimes if finding the time! great goals! * new follower* and thanks for checking out my list! - Katie @ Inkk

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