Top Ten Favorite Characters In Dramalicious books

The Broke and the Bookish created this weekly feature where bloggers/readers can post their top ten list.

  1. Carrie Pilby from Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner
  2. Whitley from A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Kody Keplinger
  3. Samantha from My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
  4. Meg from The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour
  5. All of the characters from From What I Remember by Stacey Kramer & Valerie Thomas
  6. Hannah from Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt
  7. Willow from Crush Control by Jennifer Jabaley
  8. Chelsea from Past Perfect by Leila Sales
  9. Helen from Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook
  10. Kayla from You Wish by Mandy Hubbard

Lisa  – (19 februari 2013 om 08:08)  

I loved the drama from Whitley in A Midsummer's Nightmare. The whole situation was delicious.

Ula (Blog of Erised)  – (19 februari 2013 om 08:36)  

I don't know any of these. :L I have to read more out of my comfort zone :)


Anoniem –   – (19 februari 2013 om 09:05)  

Love Disenchantments!! Also, I'm waiting on Keplinger's book from the library. Great list! ~Kristina

Christianna Marks  – (19 februari 2013 om 09:20)  

I need to read these books! I love books filled with drama, but I haven't read any of these! Your blog is darling! I'm following now!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Nina  – (19 februari 2013 om 09:41)  

@Lisa: I know, right? So dramalicious. ;)

@Ula: Me too! I need to read more paranormal fantasy books.

@Gonepeclana: Thanx & have fun reading Keplinger's book.

@Christianna Marks: Thank you! :) I love books with drama, they are so addictive. lol.

Blodeuedd  – (19 februari 2013 om 11:18)  

Haven't read a single one with those in them :/

Juju at Tales of  – (19 februari 2013 om 11:34)  

I haven't read any of these but I do love the cover.

Jeanine Smith  – (19 februari 2013 om 11:39)  

I will need to read some of those! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! New follower!


Melissa (Books and Things)  – (19 februari 2013 om 11:50)  

There are some on here from my wishlist. :) I'm curious about the Disenchantments. That tag line is interesting.

Sharrice Hewlett  – (19 februari 2013 om 13:57)  

Haven't heard of or read any of these. Oh well I guess no time like the present! 8) Thank you for sharing.

Tabitha  – (19 februari 2013 om 16:54)  

OH! The characters in From What I Remember are all fantastic!

InkkReviews  – (19 februari 2013 om 17:39)  

great list! very dramalicious! thanks for checking out my list too! - Katie @ Inkk

Katja Weinert  – (20 februari 2013 om 07:48)  

I've not read any of these books! I feel so ignorant :-)

Emma  – (22 februari 2013 om 03:00)  

I've never heard of Dramalicious as a genre before! Love it!

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