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Q: What is a book you didn't like that all your friends raved about or what book did you love that wasn't popular?

There are three books that I didn’t liked, but were very popular among friends. The books I’m talking about are Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick,
Die for Me by Amy Plum, Need by Carrie Jones & Fury by Elizabeth Miles.
Hush Hush didn't get a very high rating, because I didn't liked any of the characters. The main character was irritating. Die for Me didn't do it for me, because I couldn't get into the story. For me it lacked a natural flow. Need was just bad. It lacked a plot that grabbed my attention & characters I could root for. Fury was a big no for me, because I disliked the characters. 

Maria @ bookchilla  – (8 maart 2013 om 07:32)  

I agree with Fury, it was irritating for me.

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Alison Can Read  – (8 maart 2013 om 09:23)  

Hopping through. I was a big fan of Die For Me, but I know lots of other people didn't like it.
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Jessica@a GREAT read  – (8 maart 2013 om 12:07)  

Hush Hush was one I did like, although like you said, the main character did annoy me sometimes. But other times I felt a total connection to her because some of her beliefs or actions or something, was something I totally would've done as well. Thinking more of the lines of her snarkier moments. Although I cannot remember a specific examples.

Die for Me was one I couldn't get into either. Didn't even think of putting that one in my post. It was just kind of blah from what I remember. Glad that that one was an e-arc I read instead of money spent.

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Melissa (Books and Things)  – (8 maart 2013 om 12:20)  

I haven't ran across too many that were so off the mark for me that happend to be popular with bloggy friends. Usually parts might be off, but not so much the whole book. I wasn't a fan of Hush Hush. :)

Heather  – (8 maart 2013 om 20:02)  

I've seen Hush, Hush pop up a lot :)

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bermudaonion  – (9 maart 2013 om 05:57)  

For me, it was The Hunger Games.

Jenny N.  – (9 maart 2013 om 10:16)  

Hush, Hush was okay for me too but I still continued with the series in the hopes that it will get better.

Lisa (Lost in Literature)  – (9 maart 2013 om 18:49)  

Darn... I just got Die For Me. It's hard when a book doesn't live up to your expectations. Especially when others all seem to love it, and you just don't. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

Ashley Knapp  – (10 maart 2013 om 12:31)  

I have never read any off them! I don't plan on reading Hush. hush.. mainly because it sounds like an over hyped angel book to me.

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Cerian Halford  – (11 maart 2013 om 07:21)  

I liked Hush Hush when I first read it, but that was quite a while ago now.
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booksntea  – (16 maart 2013 om 11:37)  

I've not read any of the books you've mentioned. Part of me wants to read Hush, Hush because I've read rave reviews and I've read reviews that completely tear it to shreds. I have to be honest, all the negative reviews make me really curious. (This same curiosity led me to read the Twilight series...).

Recently, I read Divergent by Veronica Roth because I heard so many positive things about the series. I really, really did not like the book. It's a miracle that I even made it to the end. I think I kept hoping I'd eventually figure out why so many people liked the book, but I never did. Oh well.

- Jackie

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