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If you love is a new feature on J’adore Happy Endings and be posted once a month. When I’m not reading books, working or doing fun stuff with friends I’m probably curled up on the couch watching a TV show. Every month I will tell you what I’m watching and witch two books I recommend if you love the show as well.

The Walking Dead has become one of my favourite shows. Last year I got hooked on the show, but unfortunately I missed a lot of episodes of the series. My own stupid fault, I forgot the day it aired and got hooked to another show (More on that later!). Why do I love this show so much? It has zombies in it. Zombies! And I love reading zombie books, but watching zombie movies is just awesome. AWESOME, people! All of these characters have their own problems and dramas to deal with. And oh, yeah Norman Reedus is HOT!

Keywords: Drama, Zombies, Undead, Action.

If you love The Walking Dead, you will love…

The Forest of Hand and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
Zombie factor: 5/5
This series (and I still need to finish it) is really good. Just thinking about it makes me want to reread the first two books and that doesn’t happen a lot. Lots of scary, creepy moments, awesome strong and independent characters and just a lot of running.

Zombie Blondes
by Brian James
Zombie factor: 4/5
Zombie Blondes was read by me a few years ago and yet, I still remember everything that happened in the book. It was really good, entertaining & zombie-filled. The ending was a shock for me and I was a bit disappointed by it. But, it also made me realise that not every book has an happy ending and I just need to deal with it. Lol. 

Other great zombie books are:
This is not a Test by Courtney Summers, Rot &Ruin by Jonathan Maberry & Generation Dead by Daniel Waters.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (21 maart 2013 om 07:29)  

Fun feature! I don't like zombies much but I do want to try Warm Bodies and can't wait to see what future recommendations you have in store for us.

Nina  – (21 maart 2013 om 11:14)  

Thanx! Warm Bodies is a book that's on my tbrlist as well. I also can't wait to watch the movie. It looks really good. :)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (21 maart 2013 om 14:38)  

I still need to read This is Not a Test! I have it.. need it. I've also been wantin to read Carrie Ryan's series as well. So many books... :D

Great list!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages)  – (21 maart 2013 om 16:26)  

Huh. Zombie is new to me. I've unfortunately have not started watching The Walking Dead, although my son tells me I need to. lol. Thank you.

Jenny N.  – (21 maart 2013 om 17:00)  

Loved Forest of Hands and Teeth and really do need to read the other books. I recently got into Walking Dead too and suprised that I like it so much since I'm not a zombie fan.

Nina  – (22 maart 2013 om 03:27)  

Thanx. I def. recommend these books, they are fabulous & I'm 100% sure you'll love them too.

@Melissa(My World..in words and pages):
Really? It's really awesome. The actors, the storyline, everything is so good. You'll get hooked right after the first episode. :)

It's good, right? :)

Lectus Read  – (22 maart 2013 om 05:20)  

I watch the show every Sunday too! I didn't watch it last Sunday to watch both shows tonight :-)

I heard something is going on with Andrea...

Nina  – (22 maart 2013 om 05:46)  

@Lectus Read:
Yay! Oh no...

Annmarie  – (22 maart 2013 om 08:51)  

I really like the walking dead so I'll be sure to check out these books!

Joanna  – (23 maart 2013 om 02:36)  

Great feature, can't wait to see more! I'm not sure about The Walking Dead, I'm not really that into zombies. But is it really about zombies? Or is it like Buffy, about vampires but about so much more?

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