SR: Ba(n)d Romance by Sarah Billington

Ba(n)d Romance by Sarah Billington
Release date:
August, 2012
Pages: 30
Source: Received for Review

My Feelings:

Jordan thought she and Paul were forever. Then she found out about Missy: Paul’s other forever.
Now it’s the night of the sophomore dance. Jordan’s on stage with her band, Paul’s text bombing her and Missy’s in the audience with murder on her mind. Unfortunately, it’s not Paul in Missy’s sights.

My Review:
Last year during the 24 hour read-a-thon I read Ba(n)d Romance by Sarah Billington. It’s a super short story with not a lot of pages, but it was super fun. If Ba(n)d romance turned into a full length book I probably will love it. Adore. I liked the main character Jordan a lot. I can tell that she’s fierce, strong headed and not afraid. I could also tell that she was insecure. Insecure about what to do with her feelings about her cheating boyfriend. He was such a irritating, immature boy. Anyway, it was good! If you need a very, very short read: Ba(n)d Romance is what you need!

Lisa  – (4 maart 2013 om 08:49)  

I sometimes have a problem with short stories because I don't feel like we get to know the characters well enough. This does sound like a super cute book that if made into a full length book I would adore as well.

YA Book Queen  – (4 maart 2013 om 11:56)  

Gotta love fierce main characters! This one seems fun.

Great review!

Charlene C  – (4 maart 2013 om 15:00)  

This looks really fun, and the cover is great as well! Great review!

Nina  – (5 maart 2013 om 06:18)  

@Lisa: I actually hope that the author makes this into a full-lenght book. It would be awesome. :)

@YA Book Queen: I agree. Fierce characters are awesome. :)

@Charlene C: Thanx. I like the cover as well.

Jenny N.  – (5 maart 2013 om 08:23)  

I've been reading more short stories lately as they help me get back into the groove of reading again. This one sounds so fun!

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