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This idea/meme came from Jenny at Wondrous Reads.

The Netherlands – The United States

I really loved Firelight by Sophie Jordan. Such an entertaing story and awesome characters. Before I started reading this series, I didn't understand why the girl on the cover of Vanish had blonde/white hair & probably was another girl then the girl on Firelight. Now after I have read Vanish I totally understand the US cover and I like it. The Dutch cover looks like the cover of the first book. There's not a lot of difference & it's a bit boring. Okay, the US cover is boring as well, but it's way better than the Dutch cover. 

Would you pick the Dutch or American cover?

Lectus Read  – (24 april 2013 om 07:52)  

I read Firelight but I haven't read any other book in the series. Maybe I should go back to them :-)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (24 april 2013 om 09:57)  

I like the Dutch cover much much more. It's more intriguing and subtle.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (24 april 2013 om 12:12)  

I like the Dutch cover. The red draws the eye. I like both tho... I love the eye in the US cover.

Blodeuedd  – (24 april 2013 om 12:36)  

I just do not like the background in the Dutch one

Christina / Book Addict  – (24 april 2013 om 17:50)  

I like the US cover! I'm glad you are liking this series...definitely a fun fantasy!

....Petty Witter  – (26 april 2013 om 08:02)  

The US cover even though I'm not too keen on the almost fish-scale-like look to her skin.

YA Book Queen  – (28 april 2013 om 11:22)  

I love the US cover. It's so eye-catching!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages)  – (29 april 2013 om 16:55)  

The Dutch cover does have the feel of the first book with it. SO interesting to see these!

Mel@Thedailyprophecy  – (2 mei 2013 om 05:36)  

I actually like the Dutch cover!

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