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We are about to see a lot of posts & tweets about reader conventions, RT, BEA, ALA and many more are starting soon. Which one would you love to attend? Where and Why?

I would love to attend all of them, but I live in the Netherlands. A bit too far to go for a weekend away to America. In the Netherlands we have a bookfair called Boekenfestijn. In September I’m going with my best friend to the Boekenfestijn. They sell a lot of books there for very cheap prices. Yay! 

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Leah Marie  – (13 april 2013 om 11:06)  

I'm not so far away of as the Netherlands... but still can't really afford to travel to any of the conventions this year. :( I'm so hoping to go to the BEA some day!

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kimberly  – (13 april 2013 om 11:48)  

The book fair sounds really nice, I wish something like that was near me.
Following you back :D

Jahzeiah Gadiano  – (13 april 2013 om 15:57)  

That sounds awesome. When I read Boekenfestijn I thought of Book Festival for some reason hehe...

Will there be American books there or are they just books from the Netherlands?

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Cristal | Book Addict  – (14 april 2013 om 16:11)  

I live on the west coast, but I have yet to attend one of these conventions.They can be pricey from the sound of them. New GFC Follower.

Cristal @ The Life & Times Blog.

Jessica Elkins  – (14 april 2013 om 16:59)  

I've never been to any of them either, but would love to go to BEA in New Orleans next year! New follower :)

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